12-Ants – Keep active ants on your desktop

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Since my childhood, I have enjoyed watching ants very much – respect their diligence, unity, order and tenacity. You can see this from several posts with the ‘ant’ tag at AppNee.

12-Ants is a tiny and portable desktop digital pet application made by SoftwareOK. After running, a group of ants will appear on your desktop crawling around. In program, you are allowed to set the number of ants, crawling way (movement algorithms), crawl speed, transparency, etc.

There is no doubt that, this small desktop app has nothing to do with our daily work, but it obviously can adjust our mood, and active the stiff desktop, more or less.

// Key Features //

  • Very Small Software (Freeware-Tool)
  • 5 movement Algorithms
  • 3-50 Desktop-Ants
  • Adjustable speed
  • Adjustable Ants color (Red, Black, Green, ….)
  • Optional alpha transparency for the Ants
  • Optional translations feature
  • Portable Tool

// 5 movement algorithms //

  1. Ants attack the cursor
  2. Ants attack the cursor when moves
  3. Ants fleeing from the cursor
  4. Ants flee when the cursor moves
  5. To stroll around (the Ants)

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Freeware Latest n/a


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