[v8.5, v8.9] PopChar – Makes typing of unusual/special characters fast and easy

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When carrying out all kinds of text editing work, you may need to input some unfamiliar, special characters (letters or symbols), but don’t know how to do that. In this case, using the Windows’ built-in Character Map seems to be the only way you can think of. But actually there is a better third-party solution, it is PopChar for both Windows and Mac platforms.

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[v10.85] WindowBlinds – Most popolar Windows GUI beautifier

WindowBlinds is a Windows system interface beautifying/skinning software developed by Stardock Corporation. Compared with the common theme files (Visual Style), it provides a better and overall beautification function. It is currently the only 3rd party Windows beautifying tool got Microsoft’s permission, which can perfectly support all latest Windows builds.

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