OGRE – Marvelous free and open-source 3D graphics rendering engine

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OGRE (short for Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) is a free, open-source, and cross-platform 3D graphics real-time rendering engine that is widely used in 3D simulation and game development fields, written in C++ in 2001. Because it is an open-source graphics engine, like Linux, it has been adapted and expanded by a variety of different groups and organizations, so that it can adapt to different application areas and has more powerful functions.

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[v6.6] Avira System Speedup – Successor of 360Amigo System Speedup

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Avira used to be bundled with TuneUp Utilities for sale, but it’s a pity that AVG successfully became a listed company (i.e.: went public) in 2012 and acquired TuneUp Utilities as a whole – became now AVG PC TuneUp, which directly made the marriage between Avira and TuneUp Utilities impossible. After that, the Norman company from Norway once got very close to 360Amigo System Speedup (now ToolWiz’s developer from China) by way of bundling too, but in the end Avira took over 360Amigo before Norman. Then 360Amigo was first offered as an OEM component of Avira’s advanced versions of security software, and then fully acquired.

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[v14.0.0] MassTube – YouTube/XVideos/Redtube video grabber & downloader

MassTube is a free, intuitive and easy-to-use video grabber & downloader from Spain. It can help you easily and quickly download multiple resolutions (240p, 360p, 480p, HD 720p, Full HD 1080p, 4K 3072p, …) and formats (FLV, MP4, WebM, 3GP…) of videos from the world’s largest regular video website YouTube, and the most popular adult video websites XVideos and RedTube.

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[v15.0] BluffTitler – Add 3D text & effects to your videos

BluffTitler is a magically easy and powerful 3D text/title animation creating tool with very fast speed and many export options. It can convert a variety of formats of text into 3D text with cool animation effects, and the exported video can be direct played in video player or shown via screensaver in real time. Alternatively, you are allowed to export the 3D text as image, video or TGA file format that specially works with other projects (such as personal video clips, multimedia presentations, VJ performances and websites).

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[v7.7] 3DXchange – Export animated characters to any CG tool or game engine

Reallusion’s 3DXchange is a powerful, seamless 3D model converting, editing, repairing and optimizing tool that works together with iClone and many other 3D software, developed by Reallusion from Taiwan in China. With its help, you can quickly and easily convert any 3D characters created with DAZ Studio, Maya, 3ds Max, Mixamo … to animation.

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