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2022 Plan

Due to the following internal factors:

  • Less and less time and energy can be spent on long-term, time-consuming website updating and maintenance (we have to try to allocate more time to other websites’ update and maintenance, as well as the free software/game we want to make)
  • The increment amount of software that AppNee has to release is far greater than that we can release/share out
  • So far, we have had more than 3500 outstanding software resources to publish in order to accomplish the mission of AppNee set in 2009)
  • ….

as well as different aspects of external factors:

  • Frequent DMCA complaints and removals
  • Websites are being unfairly treated by almost all VPS providers
  • Advertising revenues are plummeting (Since 2019, the Google AdSense ads income has become less than a third of what it used to be)
  • More and more DDoS attacks and threats that are being made from some software developers/agencies
  • Websites are being crawled by SEO practitioners more and more badly, so that our websites crash frequently and was punished by Google search engine, resulting in significantly less traffic
  • ….

Our decision is as follows:

  1. We will still stick to AppNee’s original promise and plan. Before 2038, we will never give up until we finish our mission (even if we have to change our currently only domain name for AppNee:; or even if we go to prison, we have to continue to finish our mission after getting out and go on to do something else that is relevant).
  2. But the way to accomplish AppNee’s tasks will be very different – at least/primarily more efficient!
  3. That way, we can spend more time and energy building and maintaining our free and practical programs, truly meaningful games (may be free, but that depends on our incomes from other ways in the future), as well as free and meaningful websites such like, and
  4. ….

The blasting fuse that let appnee finally determined that we had to execute this plan with no other choices:

  • Given that AppNee’s revenue via AdSense has plunged by two-thirds (now its revenue is deducted between one-third and two-thirds every month, which are marked as invalid revenue – we really don’t have that much time, energy, patience or ability to track down the specific reasons), so August 15, 2020 has been determined to be AppNee’s last attempt to place AdSense ads (finally we would have made a 100 days of systematic and complete observation). If it doesn’t return to normal level by then (not even a dollar short), any of our websites will be permanently not allowed to place Google’s AdSense ads (although is currently the only site placing with ads, and the ads on was removed about one month ago). After that, AppNee will continue to be updated until 02/22/2022 (by then will have about 3,333 articles, 666 pages – if 5 software pages per page), and will permanently stop updating and be archived. Everything it has released will be uploaded to (or still for better file sharing and more efficient maintenance of software.
  • At the appointed time, will officially and slowly start offering premium accounts for the use of more and advanced website features (but all downloads will remain free, and have no speed, time, or other restrictions), and someone will be dedicated to publishing, updating, and maintaining all of its resources! At the same time, AppNee will steadily maintain YaWeGo, SoleWe and SoulCourier in the spare time after work and study. These websites will never place any advertisement! Note: that is forever!

In short:

  1. August 15, 2020 will be a big turning point for AppNee, after which you may never see any ads (especially the ones from Google AdSense) on AppNee (even if there is other advertising, it only supports the “fixed price” mode), and probably start experimenting with new, more friendly website themes.
  2. After that, may start experimenting with charging accounts system
  3. More details can be viewed at the Future page (may be published after 02/22/2022)