[v3.0.0, v2020.1] 3D Organon Anatomy – World’s first fully-featured virtual reality anatomy atlas

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3D Organon Anatomy is a feature-rich and interactive application for altas of human anatomy, which shows us with realistic and high-resolution 3D models covering the every aspect of human body. It is specially designed for users who are engaged in medical education and learning, regarded as an outstanding integrated solution for instructing and learning clinical, topographic and systems-based anatomy. And it can bring important cognition for understanding the relationship between anatomical structures and characteristics, so as to make you better remember what you have learned.

3D Organon Anatomy contains very detailed male and female models, high-quality text description, 15 sets of human body systems (bones, connective tissue, muscles, arteries, veins, nerves, lymph, heart, respiratory tract, alimentary canal, internal secretion, urinary system, reproduction, sensory organs, and skin), 4000+ realistic anatomical structures and organs, 160+ frequently encountered and clinically relevant body systems and organizations. All contents in 3D Organon Anatomy reach to their highest standards, which make a great and rare to find tool for people to study medicine.

3D Organon Anatomy is suitable for medical students/teachers and other professional practitioners, also lends itself to patients and their families who would like to know more about the body’s internal structure and functionality. Therefore, it is capable of providing convenient education for patients in the hospital, also can be used to increase the students’ participation in class.

// Key Features //

  • Visualize anatomy using the latest 3D technologies
  • Unique topographic and systems-based anatomy layouts. Easily add and subtract body systems
  • Agile Rotate, Pan, and Zoom in/out functions
  • Double tap to select and focus on a structure
  • Hide or Fade selected structures
  • Single- and Multi-select modes
  • Realistic X-ray mode (Fade others button)
  • Live search tool
  • Amazing life-like high detail graphics for better user experience
  • Action buttons for displaying muscles into layers, from deep to superficial
  • Beautiful symmetry of designed organs and structures makes learning easy and pleasant
  • Draw tool
  • Keep personalized notes per anatomical structure

// Official Demo Videos //

// System Requirements //

  • Windows 7+
  • Graphics card needs to support Direct3D
  • To make sure the software runs smoothly, a big RAM is required

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the 3D Organon Anatomy PC/VR Edition portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit, as well as Enterprise Edition paid full versions for Android OS.

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// Download URLs //

Product Version Download Size
for Windows
PC Edition v3.0.0 829 MB
VR Edition 466 MB
for Android
Enterprise Edition v2021.0.04 failed 944 MB


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