3DRT PingPong Portable Complete version download

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3DRT PingPong Portable Complete version download

Many sports game associated with a ball, such as football, basketball, billiards, golf are simulated often on the PC platform, but it seems the table tennis related games are so rare, 3DRT PingPong is a ping-pong simulation sport game using the official rules of table tennis sport, interesting and challenging.

Attention should be paid to the coming direction of the ball in game, so that we can decide to use a forehand or a backhand to hit it back, in order to avoid the ball out. Outside work and study, play a table tennis game on PC to relax our taut nerve and fatigue muscle is a good choice for entertainment!

3DRT PingPong Portable Complete version download

// Key Features //

  • Uses the official rules of the Table Tennis
  • Play against the computer or another player
  • 3 modes of control for the racket
  • Choice of racket, table and decors
  • Automatic camera with slow motion replay
  • Support the mouse and keyboard
  • For all profiles of players

// Mouse Control //

  • Press left click - Hard Hit
  • Press right click - Soft Hit
  • Press none - Normal Hit strength

// Edition Statement //

This is the 3DRT PingPong v1.0 Final Portable Full version.

// Download URLs //

AppNee.com (2.43 MB | Homepage)

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