[v16.0] Adobe FrameMaker – More efficient tool for XML/DITA authoring & publishing

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Adobe FrameMaker is a very excellent desktop publishing software (essentially a document processor) that is very good at writing and editing various types of large or complex documents, as well as structured documents. It was originally developed by Frame Technology Corporation, which was later acquired by Adobe Systems and became one member product of Adobe series in 1995.

As a desktop-level page layout composing tool, Adobe FrameMaker provides a complete set of solutions for all kinds of technical documents authoring, augmenting, managing, and publishing. It contains massive templates and rich formatting options, can easily and quickly generate tables and various complex layouts, flexibly add footnotes, endnotes, as well as all kinds of cross-references, indexes, variables, conditional text, links and other contents.

Adobe FrameMaker comes with a powerful book management function, which can perform flexible management to multiple typesetting files, including the realization of rapid update of page numbers, cross-references, directories, indexes and so on contents within the scope of the entire book. In addition, it has a good support for PDF and high quality printing, and is able to use the typeset documents to generate low-precision PDF for online browsing and high-precision PDF for printing.

// Key Features //

Turbocharge your content creation
  • Powerful 64-bit architecture
  • Up to 65% faster file performance
  • Interactive real-time progress bar
  • Enhanced image handling
  • High-quality images
  • New image transparency support
  • Support for colored icons
  • Out-of-the-box SharePoint 2016 support
  • Quick access to Welcome Screen
  • Slick and powerful Welcome Screen
  • New Duden dictionary support
  • Interactive HTML5 dialogs for plug-ins
  • All-new platform
  • New Windows based File Open dialog
  • One-click image resizing
  • WebP image support
  • Faster and lighter setup
  • Support for high-resolution displays
  • Seamless integration between FrameMaker and Adobe Experience Manager
  • Bidirectional language support
  • Mini Table of Contents
  • Smoother import of Microsoft Word files
From PDF to Responsive HTML5. Accelerate your publishing
  • More control over PDFs
  • WYSIWYG color output
  • Password-protected PDFs
  • All-new PDF Engine
  • Out-of-the-box multichannel, multidevice publishing
  • Customize DITA templates for PDF output
  • Greater content accessibility
  • Next-generation Responsive HTML5 layouts
  • Publish to Adobe Experience Manager
  • Search autocomplete
Getting started with XML/DITA has never been easier
  • Faster XML file handling
  • Effortless EDD creation
  • Smoother DITA authoring experience
  • DITA OT 3.0 support
  • XSLT 3.0 support
  • Enhanced Packager
  • Smart Paste
  • Simplified XML authoring
  • Comprehensive DTD support

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Adobe FrameMaker multilingual full installers and unlocked files, as well as pre-activated setup versions for Windows 64-bit only.

// Installation Notes //

for v16.0.1:

  • Just download and install

for v15.0.2:

  1. Disable your Internet connection temporarily
  2. Download and install Adobe FrameMaker
  3. Copy the unlocked file (amtlib.DLL) to installation folder and overwrite
  4. Done

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// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v16.0.1 2.22 GB


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