[v5.1, v11.1, v7.1] Adobe (Photoshop) Lightroom (Classic) CC Portable full versions AIO

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (New name: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic) is a professional and efficient digital photo managing and post-processing software. It integrated the workflow and processing technique of Pixmantec ApS’ RawShooter (from Denmark), and enables you to spend less time finishing and perfecting your photos. Jut because the ability of greatly improving the work efficiency, it has long been loved by many professional photographers.

Beyond doubt, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has become an integral part of today’s digital photography process. Its enhanced calibration tool, powerful organizing function and flexible printing options can help photographers shorten their working time in front of computer, so as to put more time into photography itself.

The thing needs your attention is, although Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s a word ‘Photoshop’ in its name, and seems to have many similarities to Adobe Photoshop, yet it actually does not have any specific functions that Adobe Photoshop owns. In addition, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Bridge (which is actually a kind of file manager) belong to one sister software, that means they can not replace each other too.

// Official Demo Video //

// Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic CC //

// Supported OS //

  • From Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v6.0 (64-bit only), it does not support 32-bit of Windows any more.

// System Requirements //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CS/CC/Classic CC multilingual portable full/lite registered versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Premium Edition paid full versions for Android, as well as Adobe Lightroom portable full registered versions for Windows 10 64-bit only (at least 4GB RAM).

// Use Instructions //

for Classic CC v10.2+:

  • It only supports Windows 10 64-bit
  • It requires Microsoft  Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable Packages
  • Before extracting program, you may need to rename the folder/path name to a very short one

for Lightroom v3.1.0+:

  1. Download and install/extract Lightroom
  2. Run program, and log in with your Adobe account (or use any fake account and password to register a new one) to start the trial version
  3. Exit program
  4. Copy the unlocked file to program folder and overwrite
  5. Done

for other versions:

  1. Download and install Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application. Or you may see errors like these:
    • Win32 API error 126 (“The specified module could not be found. “) when calling ::LoadLibrary from getCFunction
  2. Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package 2015 (x86 and x64)
  3. Download and extract Lightroom to use the portable version

// Prompts //

  • If any portable version has a ‘has stopped working‘ error on Windows 8/8.1 or higher, try to run it in compatibility mode (such as Windows 7) and/or as administrator instead.
  • If you could not remove or move the program folder, just end the “LogTransport2.exe” process in Task Manager first.
  • Do make the file path containing portable apps as short as possible!
  • The lower versions of PAF format portables can work all right on almost any 64-bit version of Windows (tested on Windows 8.1 Pro x64), although it’s specially designed for Windows 10 64-bit only.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

Edition Version Download Size
for Windows
Lightroom v2.4 64-bit 405 MB
v3.4 64-bit 460 MB
v4.4 64-bit 754 MB
v5.1.0 64-bit 829 MB
Classic CC v7.5 reserved 742 MB
v8.4 64-bit 773 MB
v9.4 64-bit 811 MB
v10.4 64-bit 875 MB
v11.1.0 64-bit 1.37 GB
CC v6.5 reserved 531 MB
v6.12 64-bit 624 MB
CS6 v4.3 32-bit | 64-bit 78.7 MB | 82.4 MB
v5.7 reserved 435 MB
CS3 v3.6 reserved 23.8 MB | 43.1 MB
for Android (Premium Edition)
CC v7.1.1 225 MB


If some download link is missing, and you do need it, just please send an email (along with post link and missing link) to remind us to reupload the missing file for you. And, give us some time to respond.
If there is a password for an archive, it should be "appnee.com".
Most of the reserved downloads (including the 32-bit version) can be requested to reupload via email.