[v11.xx] Advanced Host Monitor – Award-winning website server monitoring toolset

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Advanced Host Monitor (AKA: KS-HostMonitor) is a highly extensible network monitoring toolset that enjoys a high reputation in the field of network management. It was developed by KS-Soft from Germany for small and enterprise-class networks or hosts.

Advanced Host Monitor is able to regularly monitor whether some server host’s TCP service or port is working correctly or not, ping a host, test SQL Server, test the connectivity of URLs, check the remaining space of hard disk, check the integrity of website files, check SMTP/POP/IMAP/DNS/LDAP server, test Windows NT service, monitor CPU usage, and so on. When certain service does not start up normally or goes wrong, it will sound alarm, send error messages or SMS via email, launch a specified program, restart the NT service, restart the local or remote host, dial up to Internet, and many other ways to inform the network administrator, in order to get rid of these problems before they become tricky.

Advanced Host Monitor provides hundreds of different testing methods for comprehensively detecting each parameter of network/server, so that you can flexibly tailor your response plans to different test results. The generated monitoring log/report can be very detailed, customized and exported as multiple file formats (Text, HTML, DBF, ODBC). The inbuilt log analyzer can help you collect various statistical information, and display the monitoring log for some host in a period of time as a graphical reports form. In addition, by means of Web service, Telnet service and the technology of remote console you can achieve and simplify the remote management process.

// Key Features //

  • Over 100 test methods – HostMonitor can check almost any parameter of your servers;
  • Highly flexible action profiles allow you to start actions in predefined order depending on the test results;
  • HostMonitor creates various log files using different detail levels and file formats (Text, HTML, DBF and ODBC);
  • Built-in Report Manager allows you to create and customize reports to your liking in a variety of ways;
  • Using Remote Monitoring Agents for Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris you may easily monitor remote networks;
  • Web Service, Telnet Service and Remote Control Console simplifies remote management;
  • and much more…

// Auxiliary Components //

Log Analyzer Replicator HML Manager RMA for Windows Active RMA for Windows RMA for UNIXRMA Manager WatchDog RCC Web Service Telnet Service Process MeterWMI Explorer MIB Browser Disk Meter

// Universal Registration Codes //

Program Name Registration number
Host Monitor AppNee Freeware Group. BB348ABF95480923FB8F8E4171F4D3C786C31857ADB576F21AF9A5FDBD4493BE41939AAA3A0F8BF13A3981458BF294F189702A53CC23BE389D3EDF7E29D3F20497DF305E6346A468E9A635A5D8654454
RMA Manager 7AB76B01F573A2C7E060DDEF88094D431B003281AFC893BB6681D1B887F207067282C02F14F827D26292B0D5B9C06308CA82C0FB4DA7D4D957A791BAD782CDE2AADA03858B673EA7DB71F4D24F1F8219
Log Analyzer 433625E31E9DCD03F5CADEA9C3A237D5DA30312FE5E4F5AEBFF1962B592D9FE98E85832EE2CE34754CC35773227020D8689EA1BC5F9793DE3540ACB4E170312A834D8EA859CA3ACC51A0C1D5AE7DA4B0

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Advanced Host Monitor Enterprise Edition all versions universal registration codes for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and setup the latest version of Advanced Host Monitor from official site
  2. Run program, enter “Help/License…”
  3. Click ‘Register Now‘, and use the registration codes above to register
  4. Restart program, done

*** To prevent your name from getting blacklisted, add the following entry to your hosts file

  • www.ks-soft.net

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Enterprise Edition Latest  (mir1 | mir2) n/a


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