If you are interested in placing ads on AppNee (along with all its sub-websites, please refer to the following information:

*** Before you move on to the information below, do make sure the advertisement you provide meets all of the following conditions. Otherwise please don’t contact us, because AppNee has no interest in any other form of advertising forever – not even paying $1 billion for showing your ads just for a second on any site of ours. There is no room for negotiation for this!

  1. No pop-up window
  2. No induced consumption and click
  3. No crooked promotion
  4. No violence
  5. No religion
  6. No pornography
  7. No deviant behavior
  8. ……
Acceptable advertisement types
  • Image
  • Text
  • Button
  • Video

*** Other formats of ads are temporarily unsupported (e.g.: popup, floating)

Primary Domains for advertising
Positions for advertising
In fact, your ads can be placed on any place of our websites, as long as they do not mess up the whole page!
Current traffic situation of our website
Here we only provide the information recorded in Cloudflare (in last 30 days):

  • Unique Visitors
  • Total Requests
Charge Mode
AppNee currently only accepts monthly subscription! We will give the subscription price of this month based on the traffic of last month. For this price, you can make a counter offer once. Or, you make an offer once, and AppNee counters your offer once.

Computing mode (the traffic is from Cloudflare) :

  • Total traffic (Unique Visitors) over the past 30 days * (2~3/1000)

*** This is almost the bottom line we can live with.

Payment Channel
  • PayPal – Any other means of payment is not acceptable for now