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Agile Web Development with Rails is the first masterpiece about Ruby on Rails! On a whole, this book not only comes with both intuitive examples and in-depth analysis, but also covers all aspects of relevant knowledge in the Web application development. Therefore, it can be regarded as a comprehensive book that explains profound theories in simple language, is suitable for primary and intermediate Ruby and Rails readers, and can serve as a reference manual for developers.

Agile Web Development with Rails starts by creating a real application step by step, then introduces the built-in features of Rails. The book is divided into three parts. The first part introduces the installation of Rails, the application validation, the architecture of Rails framework, as well as the basic knowledge of Ruby programming language; The second part creates applications in an iterative fashion, then builds the test cases according to the agile development mode, and finally completes the deployment with Capistrano; The third part methodically supplements the missing knowledge points, and covers the practical aspects of daily work.

Agile Web Development with Rails first takes you into the world of Rails (a new Web development framework based on the Ruby language) with a simple Web application, then takes you through some of the details of Rails after you get familiar with it, such as Active Record, Action Controller, etc. Some of the best practices of Rails let readers feel the beauty of Rails to an extreme, and can be well referenced in your own daily development. Eventually, you will realize that Web development can benefit a lot from the application of agile development principles.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Getting Started
    • Installing Rails
    • Instant Gratification
    • The Architecture of Rails Applications
    • Introduction to Ruby
  • Building an Application
    • The Depot Application
    • Task A: Creating the Application
    • Task B: Validation and Unit Testing
    • Task C: Catalog Display
    • Task D: Cart Creation
    • Task E: A Smarter Cart
    • Task F: Add a Dash of Ajax
    • Task G: Check Out!
    • Task H: Entering Additional Payment Details excerpt
    • Task I: Sending Mail
    • Task J: Logging In
    • Task K: Internationalization
    • Task L: Deployment and Production
    • Depot Retrospective
  • Rails in Depth
    • Finding Your Way Around Rails excerpt
    • Active Record
    • Action Dispatch and Action Controller
    • Action View
    • Migrations
    • Nonbrowser Applications
    • Rails’ Dependencies
    • Rails Plugins
    • Where to Go from Here

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