[v2.3] Air Explorer – Direct access all your cloud servers within one program

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[v2.3] Air Explorer – Direct access all your cloud servers within one program

More and more people like to use cyberspace to store their most frequently used and even the most precious files. If you would like to backup, transfer, or synchronize your important files or valuable data on multiple cloud servers, in the traditional way, you have to do like this:

  1. Login a cloud service using your username and password
  2. Download the files you want to local drive
  3. Login and upload them to other cloud services one after another

Air Explorer is a very handy, practical and reliable cloud storage servers (i.e.: network drivers) management software solution from Japan, supports all the most popular cloud drive services around the world, especially the free space they provide (such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Mega, Mediafire, Yandex, Baidu, Hidrive, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP, and more). It allows you to direct browse/manage/transfer data between multiple cloud servers within only one program. In other words, Air Explorer this single application allows to manage all of your cloud servers in one place.

Now you can use Air Explorer to simplify the operation process that used to be very troublesome. Because with its help, you can easily and efficiently manage all files stored inside cloud services, without having to open their official website and login your account first. Then you will be able to realize the file upload, download and transfer simply by dragging & dropping within the same interface on your computer.

[v2.3] Air Explorer – Direct access all your cloud servers within one program

[v2.3] Air Explorer – Direct access all your cloud servers within one program

// Key Features //

  • Direct management of your files in the cloud
  • Optionally Air Explorer can encrypt your files when you upload them to the cloud
  • Sets up multiple accounts from the same server
  • You can synchronize folders between any cloud or your computer
  • Multiply your storage space by joining all your clouds
  • Copy/Paste between cloud servers
  • Pause and continue uploads and downloads
  • Air Explorer can share files
  • Centralize search of your files across all the clouds
  • Automate file tansfers and backups
  • Command line access
  • Schedule your file transfers, tasks and synchronizations
  • Cloud file explorer easy to use
  • Application available for Windows and Mac
  • Thumbnail view of your pictures
  • Drag 'n drop files between your computer and the clouds
  • Plugins system
  • Independent development of plugins

// Official Demo Video //

// Supported Cloud Services //

OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, 4shared, Box, Dropbox, Mega, Mediafire, Yandex, Baidu, Hidrive, pCloud, Mail.ru, WebDAV, Mail.com, Adrive, Magenta Cloud, Stack Storage, Datto Drive, FTP, SFTP, and more.

// Most Popular Cloud Servers //

NameIconFree Storage SpaceSign up Address
Dropboxlogo of dropbox account2 GBdropbox.com
Google Drivelogo of google drive account15 GBdrive.google.com
OneDrivelogo of onedrive account5 GBonedrive.live.com
OneDrive for Businesslogo of onedrive for business accountNoonedrive.live.com
Amazon Cloud Drivelogo of amazon cloud dirve account5 GBamazon.com
MEGAlogo of mega account50 GBmega.co.nz
Mediafirelogo of mediafire account10 GBmediafire.com
Baidulogo of yun.baidu account2 TByun.baidu.com
Boxlogo of box account10 GBbox.com
Yandexlogo of yandex account10 GBdisk.yandex.com
4sharedlogo of 4shared account16 GB4shared.com
Adrivelogo of adrive accountn/aadrive.com
Mail.comlogo of mail.com account2 GBmail.com
Magenta CLOUDlogo of magenta cloud account10 GBtelekom.de/magentacloud
Hidrivelogo of hidrive cloud account5 GBhidrive.com
pCloudlogo of pCloud cloud account20 GBpcloud.com
Mail.rulogo of mail.ru cloud account25 GBcloud.mail.ru
Stack Storagelogo of stack cloud account1000 GBtransip.be/stack/
Datto Drivelogo of datto drive cloud account2 GBdatto.com
FTPlogo of FTP accountn/an/a
SFTPlogo of SFTP accountn/an/a
WebDAVlogo of webdav accountYou can add and use any WebDAV server such as:


// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Air Explorer Pro Edition multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

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// Download URLs //

Basic Edition (freeware)Latest[v2.3] Air Explorer – Direct access all your cloud servers within one programn/a
Pro Editionv2.0.1reservedn/a
v2.1.1[v2.3] Air Explorer – Direct access all your cloud servers within one program2.50 MB
v2.3.0[v2.3] Air Explorer – Direct access all your cloud servers within one program2.55 MB


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