[v3.1.0] Alien Skin Blow Up – Extremely excellent nondestructive image zoomer

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[v3.1.0] Alien Skin Blow Up – Extremely excellent nondestructive image zoomer

Alien Skin Software's BlowUp is a ultra-high-quality and pretty handy nondestructive image zooming tool released as Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom's filter plugin and standalone application. Its powerful features even leave many similar software (such as BenVista PhotoZoom Pro, Reshade Image Enlarger, Inpixio Photo Maximizer Pro...) in the dust!

Due to the capability of magnifying image to 1600% or even 3600% without leaving obvious modification traces (thanks to its innovative algorithm), most often, you will find Alien Skin Blow Up can generate enlarged images which are much clearer than almost any other software. For example, you can try to zoom in an ordinary photo to 300000 * 225000, the effect is amazing.

[v3.1.0] Alien Skin Blow Up – Extremely excellent nondestructive image zoomer

In addition, Alien Skin Blow Up supports a variety of image formats including CMYK, both 16-bit and 32-bit, which makes it can satisfy the image processing requirements from professional or amateur photographers and graphic designers. Therefore, it is very suitable for printing of large exhibition image, image format printing, large outdoor advertising and so on.

// Supported Products //

  • Alien Skin Exposure
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 or newer
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 or newer
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 or newer

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Alien Skin Blow Up full setups, unlocked files and keygen/patch for Windows and Mac (32-bit and 64-bit).

// Installation Notes //

As for how to install, just refer to Alien Skin Exposure and Alien Skin Bokeh. In fact, all the installation and activation steps are identical for the whole Alien Skin series, nothing special.

Take v3.1.0.148 for example:

  1. Download and install Alien Skin Blow Up
  2. Copy the 'patch & keygen.exe' to "C:\Program Files\Alien Skin\Blow Up 3" and run
  3. Click 'Patch' and copy the "License Code"
  4. Run 'Alien Skin Blow Up 3 x64.exe' and click 'Activate'
  5. Paste the "License Code", and click 'Next'
  6. Click 'Other activation options'
  7. Select "E-mail activation" and copy the "Installation ID" to keygen's "Installation Code" field to generate a serial number
  8. Copy the serial number back to Blow Up 3 Activation window's "...unlocking code." field, and click 'Next'
  9. Done, enjoy!

// Prompts //

  • Nondestructive zooming refers to the ability to reduce the distortion degree as much as possible after enlarging a picture, rather than without any loss
  • If your photo's very low pixels, then even nondestructive zooming doesn't make it any clearer. After all, nondestructive zooming technique is established on the basis of the original photos pixels

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// Download URLs //

For Window
v3.1.0.148for Windows Fast Link Page25.8 MB
v3.0.0.712for Windows Fast Link Page36.9 MB
For Mac OS X
v3.1.0.146for Mac Fast Link Page27.4 MB


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