[11.10] All Password List, Dictionary collection for various purposes

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In this post, AppNee will continue to release all kinds of popular, long-tested password dictionaries with very high quality. All of them are proven by users from all over the world, so that any dictionary generated by tools can not be comparable to them. Moreover, they cover all application scopes, fields and uses (we will make the corresponding identification).

Quite often, the password can be guessed combining with the actual situation, scene and environment. For example: for router, the first one we should think of is its default password (like admin), then it’s the numbers from its owner’s fixed-line telephone or mobile phone, etc.; for Windows and many other user/account passwords, you just need to remember that as long as the passwords are for frequent use, they must be fixed, short enough and easy to remember, even may be 123, abc… If I asked, women or men like to use simpler password, such as birthday, wedding anniversary, mobile phone number, son’s birthday…? I think your answer is the same with me.

The main purpose of these password dictionaries is for various forms and large-scale of brute force attacks! You should know I mean use them with software, not let you look up each line password as a reference (without doubt, the most commonly used ones always appear in the front of each dictionary).

BTW, we won’t release all the existing password databases together. This is not just because that is too mixed and disordered, more importantly, we think it’s necessary to filter them first, and then slowly release them one by one (we’ll release a new one each time we update this post).

// Application Scenarios //

All kinds of brute force and dictionary-based attacks:

  • WiFi password
  • Passwords for a variety of encrypted and compressed archived files (the first choice should be Argon Wordlist)
  • All kinds of OS or network application’s login passwords
  • Security protection passwords for Office documents
  • Route password
  • ….

// 25 Most Commonly Used and Worst Passwords of 2013 & 2014 //

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

Name Download Compressed Size Decompressed Size
Argon Wordlist v1 17.8 MB 234 MB
Argon Wordlist v2 75.2 MB 1.87 GB
WPA 40%+ 11.4 MB 108 MB
0~9 Numbers 162 KB 7.62 MB
Birthday (1970~2010) 2.47 KB 124 KB
0~9 (8 bits, 1st choice for cracking Wi-Fi password) 14.4 MB 953 MB
WPA WPA2 982,963,904 words List 4.9 GB 13 GB
3 letters + 8 digits (119,040,000 lines) 16.3 MB 1.44 GB
RockYou (Kali Linux built-in dictionary) 36.9 MB 133 MB
Part of Facebook Gateleakage commonly used passwords (2,554,537 lines) 1.91 MB 25.6 MB
000Webhost 13mil Plain Oct, 2015 – 9 (999,997) 12.4 MB 33.2 MB
Cracked Passwords List-1 (720,301 lines) 4.05 MB 7.35 MB
000Webhost 13mil Plain Oct, 2015 (open as ASCII format, 15,299,584 lines) 286 MB 849 MB


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