[v21.6] Altium Designer – High-powered EDA software package

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EDA (Electronic Design Automation) refers to delegating various tasks in circuit design to computer to assist in the completion. For example, schematic diagram drawing, printed circuit board file production, implementation of circuit simulation, and so on design works. With the vigorous development of electronic technologies, new components and parts emerge in endlessly, and electronic circuits become more and more complex, the design work of circuits can no longer rely solely on manual work to complete. As a result, computer-aided design for electronic circuits has become an inevitable trend.

Altium Designer (Protel’s successor) is an one-stop electronic products development system for Windows, developed by Altium from Australia. Through the perfect integration of schematic design, circuit simulation, PCB drawing and editing, automatic topology logic routing, signal integrity analysis, design output, and so on technologies, this software provides a brand-new design solution for designers, so that the designer can design electronic products with ease. In short, skillful use of this software can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of circuit design.

In addition to fully inheriting the features and benefits of its previous releases (including Protel 99 SE and Protel DXP), Altium Designer has added many improvements and a lot of high-end features. This platform widens the traditional interface of board level design, fully integrates FPGA design functions and SOPC design & implementation features, thus allowing engineering designers to integrate FPGA design with PCB design and embedded design in system design. As Altium Designer integrates the FPGA design and embedded system software design functions on the basis of inheriting the previous Protel software features, it has higher requirements on the hardware of computer.

// Key Features //

Design Review Use Case
Design reviews are critical to being successful. Capture design discussions through contextual commenting in the web browser or in Altium Designer to ensure feedback is recorded and actioned effectively.
Electronic Collaboration Use Case
Work together with other engineers, anywhere in the world. With Git based version control and visual differencing capabilities, you can ensure designers remain in sync at all times.
Customer Interaction Use Case
Keep your customer up to date with progress by sharing design snapshots or work in progress, accessible in the web browser, from anywhere, on any device.
Manufacturer Collaboration Use Case
Release your fabrication and assembly data with confidence and enable your manufacturing partner to view and comment on your manufacturing output data directly in the browser.
MCAD Collaboration Use Case
Stay synchronized with your mechanical engineering counterparts with fileless, bi-directional collaboration through native integrations with SOLIDWORKS, Creo and Inventor.
Software Collaboration Use Case
Debugging hardware effectively requires access to the design. Embedded software engineers can now search, select and cross probe schematic, layout and 3D in the browser.
Remote Working Use Case
Remote working is no longer the exception, but the norm. Whether you are at home, on a customer site, at the airport, or anywhere else in the world, remote working has never been so simple.
Anonymous Sharing Use Case
Experience ultimate freedom with the ability to share snapshots of your design anonymously with anyone in the world using a simple link. All they need is browser access, no sign up required.
Embedded Viewer Use Case
Want to show off your design on your blog? Embed your design onto your site with just a couple of lines of code, providing an immersive, fully interactive design experience for your users like no other.
Unified interface
Altium Designer has been built from the ground up as a powerful, single-application electronics development environment that contains all the advanced design tools you’ll need to complete your design project.
Global Editing
Altium Designer puts flexible and powerful global editing tools at your fingertips. Make changes to all or specific components at once. Versatile selection tools allow you to find, filter and change the components you need, fast.
Simple and Intuitive
Altium Designer gives you the power to effortlessly create multichannel and hierarchical designs. Simplify complex designs into something visually pleasing and easy to follow.
Schematic driven design rules
Design starts from the schematic which is why Altium Designer allows you to define high-tech interfaces and their constraints all from the schematic editor.
Hierarchical and Multichannel design
Simplify any complex or multichannel design into manageable logical chunks with Altium Designer Hierarchical Design tools.
Interactive Routing
Design the highest quality PCB layouts in a fraction of the time with Altium Designer’s advanced routing engine that includes several powerful routing options such as walk around, push, hug and push, ignore obstacle, push and shove, and differential pairs.
Stackup Planning
The layer stack manager has been completely updated and reworked including impedence calculations, materials library, and more.
3D visualization
Clearly visualize and interact with your designs in native 3D with the advanced 3D engine in Altium Designer
Variants Support
Manage any number of your design variants without having to create separate projects or versions of your design.
Real time BOM Management
ActiveBOM provides you with automation by supplying part information such as availability and price from selected suppliers, so there are never any surprises.
Powerful Part Search
Directly place and migrate electronic parts that meet design, availability, and cost requirements with global parametric supplier search.
Multiboard Assembly
Eliminate the challenge of ensuring the form and fit of multiple boards in an enclosure.
Automated project release
Altium Designer empowers you with a controlled and automated design release process that ensures your documentation is easily generated, complete, and well-communicated.
Professional PCB documentation with Draftsman
Improved features in Draftsman make it even easier to create your PCB fabrication and assembly drawings.
Reusable outputs configurations
Generate and release your complete design in a simple, easily communicated package with reusable batch outputs in Altium Designer.

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Altium Designer multilingual full installers, unlocked files, license files, and universal license generator for Windows 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for v21.0.9+:

  1. Download and install Altium Designer
  2. Copy the unlocked file (shfolder.dll) to installation folder (like: D:\Program Files\Altium\AD21\)
  3. Run program, click ‘Add standalone license file‘, and open any ready-made license file
  4. Done

*** You can generate/edit your licenses using the ready-made ones as a template.

for v20.2.5:

  1. Download and install Altium Designer (you need to set an existing but empty folder for the “Shared Documents“)
  2. Copy the unlocked file (shfolder.dll) to installation folder (like: D:\Program Files\Altium\AD20\)
  3. Run program, click ‘Add standalone license file‘, and open any ready-made license file
  4. Done

*** You may need to run the setup as administrator, otherwise the installation may fail.

*** You can use the license generator open, edit and export a license file.

*** If you are interested in the PDN extension, just add the following line to a license file in license generator:

  • Altium_CST_Extension

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// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v20.2.5 reserved 2.37 GB
v21.6.1 2.63 GB


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