Android Programming for Beginners HD PDF

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If you are a developer with at least 5 years of experience in Java programming, then developing an Android application that can be put into use may be nothing. But for beginners who just start everything from scratch, this is a very grueling and pain thing. Because he or she has to begin with learning the Java programming.

If you are the very newbie to Android developing who are finding some good books as reference to create Android applications from scratch, then you can try to read Android Programming for Beginners. As its name suggests, it is an easy-to-understand tutorial book specially written for beginners to Android developing. Through simple and step-by-step examples (all created with the official IDE – Android Studio), it enables you to more easily master the Android & Java programming techniques, so as to step into the Android application development world formally.

Android Programming for Beginners covers all the fundamental concepts (from Java basics to Android API) and most deeper parts in Android programming. Whether you’re a programmer in other programming languages who want to start your Android programming career, or a pure programming enthusiast who just plans to make some of your own Android apps or games for fun, share or personal use, this book is perfect for you to give a read.

// Table Of Contents //

  • 1: The First App
  • 2: Java – First Contact
  • 3: Exploring Android Studio
  • 4: Designing Layouts
  • 5: Real-World Layouts
  • 6: The Life And Times Of An Android App
  • 7: Coding In Java Part 1 – Variables, Decisions, And Loops
  • 8: Coding In Java Part 2 – Methods
  • 9: Object-Oriented Programming
  • 10: Everything’S A Class
  • 11: Widget Mania
  • 12: Having A Dialogue With The User
  • 13: Handling And Displaying Arrays Of Data
  • 14: Handling And Displaying Notes In Note To Self
  • 15: Android Intent And Persistence
  • 16: Ui Animations
  • 17: Sound Fx And Supporting Different Versions Of Android
  • 18: Design Patterns, Fragments, And The Real World
  • 19: Using Multiple Fragments
  • 20: Paging And Swiping
  • 21: Navigation Drawer And Where It’S Snap
  • 22: Capturing Images
  • 23: Using Sqlite Databases In Our Apps
  • 24: Adding A Database To Where It’S Snap
  • 25: Integrating Google Maps And Gps Locations
  • 26: Upgrading Sqlite – Adding Locations And Maps
  • 27: Going Local – Hola!
  • 28: Threads, Touches, Drawing, And A Simple Game
  • 29: Publishing Apps
  • 30: Before You Go

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