Android Wireless Application Development, Volume I & II HD PDF, EPUB

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Android Wireless Application Development, Third Edition (Vol. I: Android Essentials and Vol. II: Advanced Topics) is a Android development book written by Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder, published in the Developer’s Library series, respectively for beginners and advanced Android app developers.

Android Wireless Application Development covers all topics (from basic concept, technology to market promotion) on Android development. Its contents in Vol 1 & 2 are explained in detail, taking integrity and coherence into account (including a series of steps from development to publish). The specific contents include: an overview of Android, Android applications design essence, Android UI design essence, common Android API, more Android application design principles, Android application publish and appendixes. In the final Appendix part, it includes the user guides for the common Android developing tools (such as simulator, DDMS, Debug Bridge, Eclipse, SQLite, etc.).

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Edition Format Download Size
Volume I: Android Essentials, 3rd Edition PDF 47.0 MB
Volume I: Android Essentials, 3rd Edition EPUB 20.5 MB
Volume II: Advanced Topics, 3rd Edition PDF 10.5 MB

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