[v3.3] Ant Simulation 3D – Explore realistic insect world from the perspective of a tiny ant

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Ant Simulation 3D is a highly realistic ant survival simulation game on Android platform, developed by hksdev from Germany. In this game, players will be in a microscopic insects world, and adventure everywhere and experience ant’s daily life, seek ways to survive as a little ant and from its perspective.

Ant Simulation 3D is a rare, very interesting and challenging insect simulation type of mobile game. At the beginning of this game, you can build up your own ant colony and set its population size, but you can only control one of the ants. You need to search of food resources everywhere for the queen, wait for her to lay eggs slowly, then feed the larvae, so as to maintain and expand the reproduction of your population as well as the territory. BTW, different types of ants have different behavioral habits, so you should learn to adapt! In addition, you must carefully avoid all kinds of natural enemies of yours.

Ant Simulation 3D uses a 3D engine to realistically reconstruct the living, activity habits and routines of ants in nature. It comes with an open world and huge maps; high-quality 3D graphics that is close to the real; very lifelike behavior simulation of ants and some common insects; and simple operation. These bring a player the immersive feeling and gaming experience, and enable us to enjoy the beauty of nature while simulating the ant’s life.

// Key Features //

  • animal simulator
  • 3d simulator and survival game
  • very realistic ant and insect behavior (ant trails, pheromone communication) -> Ant AI – watch their swarm behaviour, see how they create pheromone trails
  • open world game with a huge map – explore a detailed, huge 3d natural ant habitat terrain -> forest environment, different plants, realistic textures, water
  • Insect Simulator – other insects as protein like spider, praying mantis worms, fly etc.
  • attack and fight against enemy insects with the ant colony -> overwhelm with them power of the swarm
  • collect food in the form of fruit or sugar to feed the queen and larvas
  • high-quality animation of the 3D ants, spider and other insects
  • first person form the player ant, easy touch control
  • explore the underground caves and build a huge subterrrainian nest -> enlarge the ant hill and grub new Chambers

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Android 4.1+

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Ant Simulation 3D paid full versions for Android OS.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Paid Full Edition v3.3.4 AppNee.com 108 MB


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