[v2.5] Any Video Encryptor – Protect your multimedia files with an access password

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There are too many software that can encrypt any type of files, but only very few file encryption tools are able to protect a file as easily and directly as setting an access password (anyone can access some file at any time, on any computer by just providing the correct password), especially for multimedia files. Because these methods usually require the user to install the corresponding encrpytion software and perform decryption operations.

Any Video Encryptor is a handy tool that enables you to encrypt multimedia files by setting an access password. It supports a variety of audio, video and image file formats. To view the encrypted/protected media files, you have to enter the correct password (otherwise, you are even not allowed to preview them). In other words, no one can access them without your permission. Therefore, outside of the disk, folder layers of encryption, this solution further ensures the safety of users’ privacy in the most fundamental level.

Any Video Encryptor is very easy to use, just select the file(s) you want to encrypt to package one or multiple media files into a single encrypted and executable EXE file (including all the necessary components for playing the media files contained), or the GEM file that only can be decrypted (played with the built-in media player) by Any Video Encryptor itself.

But you should know that both of them actually use Any Video Encryptor’s inbuilt player (Free Video Player) to view or play your videos, songs, or images within a playlist. That’s to say, you cannot use any media player installed in your system to view these encrypted files. But it also may be an advantage for computer environments that do not have or prohibit the installation, use of any media players, as well as those less experienced computer users.

// Key Features //

Feature Description
Government-level Security Any Video Encryptor encrypt media with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) that is one of the most frequently used and most secure encryption algorithms available today. It is the cipher which the NSA uses for securing documents with the classification “top secret”.
Protect All Media Formats Any Video Encryptor can easily encrypt virtually any kind of Video, Audio, Image formats. You can protect MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MTS, RMVB, MXF, VOB,FLV, MPEG, TS, MP3, AAC, AC3, OGG, WMA, JPG, BMP, PNG… with the best free media encryption solution.
High Speed Encryption Time is the most precious resource for many of us – who wants to waste it waiting? Now you can encrypt your movies in the original quality in mere seconds – with the innovative SuperSpeed encryption. No video conversion, No quality loss, videos in the SuperSpeed mode is just as fast as moving files between folders.
Package Multiple Documents Quickly You can select multiple files with the same or different formats and encrypt them to one package file with one Playback. The program offers you built-in player for your videos and audios and a viewer for your pictures and documents allow you to maintain your privacy at all times.
GEM or EXE Formats This application can export two encryption formats: GEM or EXE. GEM file package one or more video, audio, image media file, it can be played with the built-in free video player. You can send GEM file and tell them download Free Video Encryptor to view. This program creates EXE portable applications. No need to install the program at the other end to view contents.
Prevent Duplication The program safeguards from data infringement which can lead to lost revenues & loss of intellectual credit. Advance copy protection technology restricts access to your data from unauthorized users. Unbreakable protection for all your media files including your videos, audios, pictures and documents.
Copy Protection The program uses an advanced level of data leak prevention technology that does not permit duplication of your important files and copyright material to any USB drive or other such storage devices without your permission.
Data Leak Prevention It prevents your data from getting leaked out to USB drives and other such storage devices. The program encrypt your media files into executable files that will only run in the drive you choose using the program.

// Universal Registration Code //

Contact Email Registration Code
[email protected] 27878-11764-21878-61872-77986-28404

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Any Video Encryptor multilingual full installers along with universal registration code, as well as portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for v2.5.0:

  1. Download and install Any Video Encryptor
  2. Disable your Internet connection temporarily
  3. Run program, and click ‘Register
  4. Use the registration code above to register
  5. Block Any Video Encryptor with your firewall, or use it offline
  6. Done

for v2.0.0:

  • Just download and extract to use

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// Download URLs //

Version Type Download Size
v2.0.0 Portable 14.2 MB
v2.5.0 Setup 15.0 MB


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