[v1.9.6] APK Editor – Powerful and universal Android app hacking tool

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[v1.9.6] APK Editor – Powerful and universal Android app hacking tool

If you are a newcomer who wants to modify the APK installation file for Android OS, but doesn't even know how to decompile an APK/JAR file, or has no Java programming experience, then APK Editor this APK file editor running on Android smartphone may be exactly an edge tool that you expect.

APK Editor is a very handy and powerful APK file editing application for Android platform, developed by He Pujiang from China. With APK Editor, you can achieve the purpose of directly performing all kinds of custom editing tasks to an APK installation file on your smartphone. At the same time, it is also the first Android app localization tool on mobile end, which makes it possible for you to easily modify Android applications at any time and at any place in the absence of a computer.

[v1.9.6] APK Editor – Powerful and universal Android app hacking tool

As an application that can edit/hack the APK format of files on Android OS, APK Editor is able to help us do many things to APK installation packages. For example: localize UI strings, rename application title, change the background image, replace the inbuilt theme music or ringtones, rearrange the architectural layout, or even eliminate annoying ads, remove the authorization limits, crack signature verification, remove Google verification, and so on.

What it can do for you in the end, of course, mainly depends on whether you are good at using it or not. But don't worry about this, APK Editor's developer has given some practical examples in the help page. With regard to the final result that whether this app can let you achieve the functions mentioned above, I want to emphasize again - that relies on your operational ability and personal skill level.

[v1.9.6] APK Editor – Powerful and universal Android app hacking tool

// Key Features //

  • Modify APK
  • Beautify APK
  • APK renaming
  • Localize strings
  • Background image replacement
  • Layout reconstruction
  • Remove ads
  • Permissions removal
  • APK localization

// System Requirements //

  • Android 3.2+

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the APK Editor Pro multilingual paid full edition for Android OS.

// Download URLs //

Pro Paid Full Editionv1.8.28AppNee.com7.50 MB
v1.9.6AppNee.com7.62 MB


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