Army Men II Portable Full version for PC download

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Army Men II Portable Full version for PC download

Army Men II is the direct sequel of Army Men (1998), released in 1999. It used a fire-new graphics engine, accordingly its graphics quality was greatly improved. In stages, it first introduced a variety of new enemies, including cockroaches, and extended battlefields from the "Plastic World" to the "Real World" we live in, such as kitchen and garden.

On the one hand, Army Men II added more weapons and enemies (from suicide bombers, zombies to cult members, military fanatics and cockroaches) to attract players' attention; On the other hand, it started using a portal system, which is used to move back and force between our "Real World" and Army Men's "Plastic World". The whole game consists of 12 stages, each with a map, in which you have 2~3 tasks to finish. Notes: in general, if your soldiers died, the game system would not send you more. That means, if you don't want to be an army of one, be sure to protect your soldiers carefully.

BTW, after all, the artificial intelligence of enemies in any game is low, so they usually find a balance in terms of quantity. Plus, searching for the enemy's hiding place is an important part in action.

Army Men II Portable Full version for PC download

// Key Features //

  • Intuitive Interface - Simple point and click mouse interface is all you need to play
  • Enhanced Campaigns - Classic plastic soldier warfare from Our World and Their World
  • Tons of Power-Ups and Weapons - Jack Sarge up along the way with flame-throwers, sniper rifles, camouflage, disguises, flak jackets and more
  • New Weapons - Put an aerosol can and a magnifying glass to good use melting enemy troops
  • Plastic Humor - Nothing is more real then melting the ol' Tan troops and taking cover in the high grass
  • Improved AI - Intelligent AI supports your tactics and commands. Set up ambushes, escort prisoners, and destroy enemy bases with your troops
  • Expanded inventory - Ammo is additive. So when Sarge acquires power-ups, they add up
  • Adventure elements - Sarge's troops gain experience as time passes
  • Multi-player options - Support for 1-4 people in time-honored Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and King of the Hill modes
  • Killer audio - Fully integrated voice-over and music
  • Maximum fun - Roll out dashboard allows full screen viewing with menu bar that can be hidden

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Army Men II full/ripped edition portable full registered versions, as well as Multiplayer Map Pack for Windows.

// Prompts //

  • Army Men II was designed with a lot of traps. So, you'd better pay attention to saving the game state often.

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