Artpip – Beautiful painting wallpapers for your desktop every day

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Artpip – Beautiful painting wallpapers for your desktop every day

Many desktop wallpaper automatic downloaders or updaters exist, while Artpip has some differences - its wallpaper source is all kinds of beautiful and famous art paintings. And, setting paintings as desktop wallpaper for enjoying is such a wonderful idea.

Artpip is a desktop wallpaper automatic and regular changer for Windows and Mac OS X. It's built in a lot of beautiful and classic artworks, each of which is available in Ultra-HD 4K resolution and allows you to adjust its brightness, color, and blur effect. It allows users to customize the cycle of automatically changing wallpapers, to choose the type and year (can be dated back to 1500 BC) of paintings (including oil painting, watercolor painting, line drawing or printmaking).

Artpip – Beautiful painting wallpapers for your desktop every day

After setting Artpip as startup on system bootup, it will automatically update your art wallpaper from every 5 minutes to every 24 hours. You neither have to waste any time to look for high quality art images, nor need to do any more user interaction with this application. In addition, from Artpip's right-click menu in the system tray, you can see the art name and artist's name of daily paintings.

If you would like to use some classic art works as wallpaper to make your computer desktop full of artistic breath, then Artpip can help you realize this idea perfectly. I guess people who like paintings should be in need of such an application that can automatically change desktop wallpapers to all kinds of famous paintings.

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