[v12.0] Ashampoo Snap – Best alternative to TechSmith’s Snagit on Windows

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Ashampoo Snap is an old-brand and powerful screenshot & screen capture tool from Germany, if you are already getting fed up with TechSmith’s Snagit on Windows, then try Ashampoo Snap’s innovation way for producing, editing and sharing the screenshot and screen capture.

Both FastStone Capture and PicPick are free and popular, but they just can not support the browser and system very well, so that the generated screenshots for scrolling window are mostly disordered or corrupted. In AppNee’s opinion, even for the most popular and powerful Snagit, it has 3 critical defects at least: does not support batch images editing (especially the modification of image size); its scrolling window capture feature is finding fault with different browsers; as well as the “Unable to complete scrolling capture” problem without a valid and reliable method all long (there is no guarantee for the official method at all, that only depends on your luck).

If it weren’t that Snagit so repeatedly appear the above mentioned problems that can’t work, and then forced me to look for alternatives and test, I still have no chance to face Ashampoo Snap’s so much superiority – it’s really cool and powerful. In addition, as far as I know, it is also the only one in similar screen/video capturing tools that supports OCR text recognition and collages creating.

// Highlight Features //

  • Improved handling
    • Extended selection options for multi-display environments
    • Position selections with cursor keys
    • User-defined hotkeys for various functions
    • Capture multiple monitors up to 4k resolution
    • Ultra-smooth workflow with 1-click operations
    • More performance through multi-core support
  • OCR
    • Text recognition support for 6 languages
    • Extract text from images with text recognition
    • Use OCR to create text objects and copy to system clipboard
  • Editing mode
    • Support for different cursor styles
    • Copy objects between screenshots
    • Copy objects to system clipboard while in edit mode
    • Exit edit mode even with multiple open projects
    • Insert locally saved images into screenshots
    • Improved object scaling during size adjustments
    • Enhanced filling tool with new transparency and tolerance settings
    • Work faster with 1-click object selection/deselection
    • Clone objects for simple reuse
    • Select from various pre-defined harmonious color/style configurations with live previews
    • Edit and add custom color/style configurations for quick access
    • Use quick editing to add/edit text elements at a single click/keystroke
    • Apply gradients to many objects
    • Quickly select suitable effects with live previews
    • Select screenshot colors with color picker
  • Capture modes
    • Create collages from multiple screenshots
    • Instantly capture all visible desktop windows as objects
    • Use color picker to capture colors across applications
    • Full 32bit transparency support (RGBA)
    • Create timed captures
    • Auto-insert watermarks
  • Video capturing
    • Provide comments with microphone during webcam recording
    • Freely adjust webcam display position and size
    • Record webcam during video captures
    • Simplified handling for video and mouse effects
    • Timed video capturing
    • Use counter to limit recording length
    • View length of recording
    • Real-time adjust capture area during recording
    • Capture webcam
    • Add mouse click effects
  • Ashampoo Snap webspace
    • Video auto-resizing for extreme display resolutions
    • Auto-resize images before sending
    • Supports WEBP as output format
    • Set custom application for PSD files
    • Print multiple files at once
    • Export to JXR and PSD with layers for easy interchangeability
    • Upload to Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Sky Drive
    • Upload to Ashampoo Web and share unique internet links
    • Integrated Ashampoo webspace uploaderCreate direct weblinks for screenshots

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Windows 7+ (not support Windows XP any more)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Ashampoo Snap Normal/Business Edition multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Use Instructions //

  • Just download and extract the portable full registered version to use

*** You do not have to disable your Internet connection, or block any outside connections from Ashampoo Snap.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Business Edition v5.0.2 reserved n/a
v6.0.10 reserved n/a
v7.0.10 reserved n/a
v8.0.7 reserved n/a
v9.0.5 reserved 65.9 MB
v10.1.0 reserved 47.9 MB
v11.1.0 reserved 41.5 MB
v12.0.0 133 MB


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