[v1.8] AskAdmin – File and software access permission setting tool

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Everyone has more or less personal privacy on his phone and computer. In order to ensure that our privacy is not leaked, we can use the app lock on mobile phone to ensure that we need to provide passwords when accessing certain apps. But on the computer side, as long as the computer is logged in, anyone can access any file and run any program on it. This may lead to the disclosure of personal privacy and important information. In this case, AskAdmin can help you.

AskAdmin is a simple and practical tool for controlling file/application access permission on Windows. Using it, you can simply block access to selected applications, files, and folders by any unauthorized users. That is, it is able to protect the vast majority of resources on your computer in a simple way. And to further prevent access to blocked items, AskAdmin also allows you to set an access password.

In particular, AskAdmin can restrict the operation of various software (such as game, chatting tool, web browser, UWP, CMD, BAT, REG), forbid access to the specified files/folders, modify the name extension of the specified files, restrict the installation and running of software with the specified extension to avoid malicious program automatically installed on your computer, and so on. In short, AskAdmin is ideal for people with children and business computer users, and can also be used against some rogue software.

If you have files, folders, or programs on your computer that you don’t want others to see or use, the traditional method of hiding them are unreliable and easy to crack. In this case, you can use AskAdmin to subtly limit the access to them, without even raising the suspicion. Instead, they may think that’s a problem with the system.

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