AutoHotkey – Ultimate scripting language for Windows desktop automation

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AutoHotkey (originally called AutoHotkey_L) is a free and open-source desktop automation scripting language developed based on the syntax of AutoIt, written by Chris Mallett and Steve Gray from Germany. AutoHotkey was designed to simplify a variety of repetitive tasks with one click, the tasks on Windows can be: launch programs, open URLs, fill out web forms, login website accounts, automatically click mouse, record macros, etc.

As a fully functional scripting language, AutoHotkey can implement the automation of almost any operation on a computer by sending keyboard and mouse keystroke actions, including creating hotkeys for the keyboard, mouse and joystick. In addition, it is also able to call the system interfaces and programs through commands, and create GUI (graphical user interface) executable applications based on its simple scripting language.

If you are able to skillfully use this simple yet powerful hotkey scripting language well, you will be able to greatly improve your working efficiency on computer use. The point is, as long as there is imagination from users, AutoHotkey can do far more work than you can think.

// Common AutoHotkey Tasks //

  • Remapping the keyboard, such as from QWERTY to Dvorak or other alternative keyboard layouts.
  • Using shortcuts to fill in frequently-used file names or other phrases.
  • Controlling the mouse cursor with a keyboard or joystick.
  • Opening programs, documents, and websites with simple keystrokes.
  • Adding a signature to e-mail, message boards, etc.
  • Monitoring a system and automatically closing unwanted programs.
  • Scheduling an automatic reminder, system scan, or backup.
  • Automating repetitive tasks in online games.
  • Automating repetitive tasks in Microsoft Excel.
  • Filling out contest and freebie forms automatically (i.e., it can type in your name, address, etc. automatically).
  • Quick code testing before implementing in another (more time consuming) programming language.

// Fan Made Demo Video //

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