Avernum complete works collection for Windows

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Avernum complete works collection for Windows

Avernum is a European & American style indie RPG game series, developed and issued by the famous independent RPG game company Spiderweb Software, as one of the five game series making this company repeatedly get rewards (other four series: Geneforge, Nethergate, Exile and Avadon). Each work can be called an epic.

Avernum series include a total of 8 games, seven of which are the main games with a continuous plot and one gaiden game - Blades of Avernum. The story of Avernum tells about kindness and enmity among an underground kingdom, an empire on the ground and the underground non-human races.

The former three parts of Avernum series are upgrades of the Exile trilogy; Blades of Avernum upgrades from Blades of Exile; the remaining three parts use a new game engine, that means they are all brand-new sequels.

Avernum complete works collection for Windows

// Key Features //

  • Unusually large map - according to the proportion of conversion, its size can be equivalent to the area of Australia in real life.
  • Hundreds of tasks, dungeons, enemy fortresses
  • Hundreds of learning skills
  • Plenty of races and roles for players to explore
  • Powerful and tortuous, fantastic plots - the game developer Jeff is also a novelist, which makes every game well-rounded like an epic novel
  • Hundreds of hours of game time (even if only do the main mission in every game, you will also need about one month time at least to pass through. If you want to explore every corner of the game, that will need several months)
  • All kinds of interesting Easter eggs and secret switches may be related to win instead of lose
  • Open plot - the end of game is not the only onr or even completely different
  • Some important choices from players will lead to the overturn of entire game world, which makes the game still has the replay value after playing through
  • A very high degree of freedom - most of the missions can be accomplished in several ways
  • The entire plot of Avernum series is continuous, but you can completely play them out of order.

// System Requirements //

for Avernum: Escape from the Pit:

  • DirectX
  • VCredict
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

Over the past twenty years, Avernum experienced official remakes and upgrades for many times, which led to the chaotic editions of Avernum series. Below we sorted them out as follows.

// How To Use //

for Setup version:

  1. Download and install the demo version from official site
  2. Download and run the corresponding keymaker to activate
  3. All done, enjoy!

for Portable version:

  • Just extract to play

// All Avernum & Exile Official Forums //

// Download Links //

First ReleaseNameFinal Version For WindowsVersion NotesOfficial SetupKeymaker
1994Exile: Escape from the Pitv1.0n/an/an/a
1995Exile II: Crystal Soulsv1.0n/an/an/a
1996Exile: Escape from the Pitv2.0 FinalFully RegisteredAppNee.comn/a
1996Exile II: Crystal Soulsv2.0.1 FinalFully RegisteredAppNee.comn/a
1998Exile III: Ruined Worldv1.0 FinalFully RegisteredAppNee.comn/a
2000Blades of Exilev1.0 FinalFully RegisteredAppNee.comn/a
2000Avernum 1v1.0.3Exile's RemakeAppNee.comAvernum complete works collection for Windows
2001Avernum 2v1.0.1Exile II's RemakeAppNee.comAvernum complete works collection for Windows
2002Avernum 3v1.1.4Exile III's RemakeAppNee.comAvernum complete works collection for Windows
2004Blades of Avernumv1.0.3Blades of Exile's RemakeAppNee.comAvernum complete works collection for Windows
2006Avernum 4v1.0.1Oberon/ReflexiveAppNee.comAvernum complete works collection for Windows
2007Blades of Exile Open Source ProjectRelease 3Blades of Exile Source CodeAppNee.comn/a
2008Avernum 5v1.0.1ReflexiveAppNee.comAvernum complete works collection for Windows
2010Avernum 6v1.0.1ReflexiveAppNee.comAvernum complete works collection for Windows
2012Avernum: Escape from the Pit
  • v1.0 for PC
  • v1.0.3 for Android
Avernum 1's RemakeAvernum complete works collection for Windows
2014Avernum 2: Crystal Soulsv1.0.1Avernum 2's RemakeAvernum complete works collection for Windows
2016Avernum 3: Ruined Worldv1.0.2Exile III: Ruined World's RemakeAppNee.com

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