[v8.012] BackUp Maker – Easy and reliable free data backup creator

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BackUp Maker is a very good data, file multi-threading (so it’s very fast) backup software from Germany, which is neglected or overlooked but professional and user-friendly. More than anything, it’s totally free for both private and educational purposes.

BackUp Maker can not only perform data backuping & restoring tasks between localhost, FTP server and disc burners, but also encrypt your backup data or direct backup the data to a variety of external storage mediums (such as CD/DVD, USB mass storage device, even an online FTP server). In addition, BackUp Maker comes with FTP upload & download function, which can be used to automatically backup and restore your website files regularly. This is a pretty practical feature for most webmasters.

It is worth mentioning another thing, the whole backup & restore process does not require you to do any extra, complex operations or settings. This also makes the backup of website files become very simple and be in a timely manner. And, not to mention BackUp Maker’s multiple types of scheduled & automatic backup modes and options that are enough to meet the needs of a variety of backup jobs.

// Supported Backup Types //

Backup Type Description
Full backup Backup of all selected files/folders
Partial backup Backup of files changed since last partial or full backup
Backup of changed files Backup of files changed in selectable interval
Combined execution Combine execution of full backups and partial backups
Archive bit backup Backup of files with archive bit set true only / delete archive bit
Backup generations Creation of several backup generations/instances

// Supported Automations //

Automation Type Instruction
Interval backup Execute backup in selectable interval
Time backup Execute backup at selectable time
Backup at Windows start/log-off Execute backup when Windows starts/logs off
Backup at USB detection Execute backup when USB device has been changed
Restriction to days Restrict backup execution to week days or month days
Automatic backup Backup without user interaction

// Supported Target Mediums //

Medium Type Intro
Burning onto CD/DVD Burn backups onto CD/DVD without the need of external drivers
Supported DVD formats DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R Dual Layer, DVD-RAM, Blu-Ray
FTP upload Upload to internet servers using ftp connections
Passive ftp mode Upload in passive mode (PASV)
FTPS (FTP over SSL) Support for FTPS
FTP resume Resume cancelled backup uploads
Back-up to USB drives/sticks Support of USB drives (internal/external)
Network support Save files in/to local area networks
Spanned backups Split backups into several files (disk spanning)

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the BackUp Maker Professional Edition multilingual portable full registered versions along with the optional BackUp Maker – RunAsService plugin for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Standard Edition (freeware) Latest n/a
Professional Edition v7.500 reserved 8.42 MB
v8.012 6.10 MB
BackUp Maker’s RunAsService Plugin (optional)
Universal v2.0 985 KB


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