Bare Knuckle Vacuum Portable full version download

The SEGA‘s official only releases the classic Streets of Rage 1, 2, 3 these three works, and the Streets of Rage 4 that originally had been planned to sell unexpectedly stopped development as early as more than a decade ago, which is so pity! But fortunately, we can still play so many homemade editions made by the fan players from all over the world.

This Bare Knuckle Vacuum (ANA: Streets of Rage 4 Remake – not exists in fact, Bare knuckle V, short for BKV) is a fan-made SoR based free MOD game designed by Chinese fan players Anking and Volcanic, with fresh originality and crafty designs. Due to using OpenBoR game engine?that means we can play it on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, PSP, etc. with OpenBoR.

// Key Features //

  • 7 characters (1 hidden but selectable directly)
  • Excellent fighting systems with combos
  • Long levels
  • Many bosses
  • New and cool moves for each character
  • Usable improvised weapons
  • ‘R.E.D. system’ similar to the magical attack in classic ‘Golden Axe’
  • The ability to use guns
  • 4-player support
  • Playable on almost all mainstream platforms

// Download URLs //

Version MOD + Emulator Size
v1.0 reserved 81.6 MB
v2.0 reserved 51.5 MB
v4.1 108 MB

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