[v1.3.5] BeDesk – Customer support software and helpdesk ticketing system

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BeDesk is a self-hosted, feature-rich helpdesk, customer support, ticketing and email management platform, does not require any coding or server knowledge to setup. It’s developed based on the popular PHP web framework Laravel using languages like JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, made by the same author of BeMusic and BeShare – Vebto.

The knowledgebase feature effectively reduces the tickets volume, enables user to create articles with rich text and HTML editor, and can automatically suggest articles when customers are creating new tickets. The agent mailbox function categorizes tickets, assigns them with tags or agents, allows to collaborate privately with notes, allows to add most common replies with two clicks, can speed up your workflow with keyboard shortcuts, and more.

The reports feature means user can use in-depth reports to get an overview of all important metrics, measure team performance and spot issues. The automations function is able to automate repetitive and other tasks with triggers, and comes with a simple if/then based system. The appearance editor can change colors, images and text, and manage menus, SEO tags, etc., with a live preview on the same page.

In the background, the admin area is used to customize your website with a large amount of settings, including managing users, groups, tags, pages, mail templates, translations, and more. As to the envato module, it allows customers to login with their existing envato account. Then it automatically validates their purchases, supports importing envato items as ticket categories, allows to view envato earning reports from admin area, and more.

// Key Features //

Feature Description
Email With Superpowers Use as email management software, keeping your existing email account and receiving all the functionality of BeDesk.
Easy Installation Install BeDesk easily with no coding or server knowledge in a few minutes with our easy to use installer and documentation.
Optional Envato Module Envato login, purchase code validation, earnings reports, automatic item importing and more.
Appearance Editor Change colors, images and text. Manage menus, SEO tags and more, all with a live preview using powerful appearance editor.
Translation Ready You can translate BeDrive easily from admin area without any need for 3rd party applications or configuration files.
Responsive BeDesk is fully responsive and will scale to the size of any device.
Open Source You will receive full non-encrypted and non-obfuscated source code, so you can modify it (or hire a freelancer to do it for you) in any way you want.
Lifetime License Pay once and receive a lifetime license. There are no recurring fees.
Documentation In depth offline documentation included. It Explains everything from installation to the many features.
Social Login Allow users to login with popular 3rd party sites (facebook, twitter, envato, google).
Professional Design Pixel-perfect design based on google’s material design guidelines.
Search Powerful search with multiple integrated providers, including elasticsearch, algolia, mysql and more.
Rich Text Editor Ticket body uses a rich text editor, that allows file uploads, code formatting, inline images, canned replies, links, undo/redo, drafts and more.
Knowledgebase Management Organize your knowledge base using categories and tags, create articles with a powerful html editor.
User Settings Let users change common settings like their timezone, language, country and more.
Groups Flexible groups system to assign users to or agents to teams, organizations, companies and more.
Pages Create custom pages (like terms of service or privacy policy) with html editor.
Menus Assign and remove links, pages and routes from various menus across the site with a simple menu manager without any coding knowledge.

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the BeDesk full source code for Linux servers.

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Full Source Code v1.0.7 reserved n/a
v1.2.5 18.1 MB
v1.3.5 18.7 MB


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