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C++17 is the latest informal name after C++14 for the next revision of the ISO/IEC standard of C++ programming language. It is based on C++ 11 (once known as C++1z), and aims to make C++ be a less bloated and complex programming language, simplify everyday use of this language, and make it easier for developers to write and maintain code. C++17 is a major update to the C++ language, introducing many new language features. For instance: parallel STL, Boost derived file system libraries, and so on. In addition, both GCC and LLVM/Clang effectively provide full C++ 17 support.

Beginning C++17: From Novice to Professional lets reader master how to program with C++17 this updated C++ programming language through step-by-step and illustrated working program examples; learn to work with arrays, loops, strings, lambda expressions, etc.; utilize operator overloading, inheritance, virtual functions and polymorphism, and more.

Therefore, Beginning C++17 is primarily written for both programmers new to C++ and those who may be looking for a fresh primer on the C++17 programming language in general. The reader does not need to have any prior programming knowledge, all you need to prepare is Beginning C++17 this book and any recent C++ compiler. When finishing this book, you will become a working C++ programmer.

Beginning C++17 starts with basics, and has been fully updated to the latest version of C++17 language, and to all conventions and best practices of so-called modern C++. Besides, all language concepts in this book are explained with illustrations, and all chapters come with exercises for reader to test and practice his knowledge that has been acquired. Even better, all these examples and exercises are provided with accompanying code for download.

// What You’ll Learn //

  • Define variables and make decisions
  • Work with arrays and loops, pointers and references, strings, and more
  • Write your own functions, types, and operators
  • Discover the essentials of object-oriented programming
  • Use overloading, inheritance, virtual functions and polymorphism
  • Write generic function templates and class templates
  • Get up to date with modern C++ features: auto type declarations, move semantics, lambda expressions, and more
  • Examine the new additions to C++17

// Table Of Contents //

  • 1. Basic Ideas
  • 2. Introducing Fundamental Types of Data
  • 3. Working with Fundamental Data Types
  • 4. Making Decisions
  • 5. Arrays and Loops
  • 6. Pointers and References
  • 7. Working with Strings
  • 8. Defining Functions
  • 9. Function Templates
  • 10. Program Files and Preprocessing Directives
  • 11. Defining Your Own Data Types
  • 12. Operator Overloading
  • 13. Inheritance
  • 14. Polymorphism
  • 15. Runtime Errors and Exceptions
  • 16. Class Templates
  • 17. Move Semantics
  • 18. First-Class Functions
  • 19. Containers and Algorithms

// Book Example Codes //

// Download URLs //

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Beginning C++17, Fifth Edition
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