Bit of War – High-quality 8-bit edition of God of War

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Have to admit one thing, even in this time when games with high-definition graphics and fine & smooth textures can be seen everywhere, 8-bit console type of games with nostalgic style still has their unique charm.

Bit of War (AKA: 8-bit God of War) is a small and free indie game developed by Holmade Games from Canada in 2012, released as the 8-bit edition of the popular God of War series of video games on PC and home game console platforms.

Although the game is just a 8-bit version of small game, its quality is not inferior in any respect. To some extent, it has turned the God of War into an original 8-bit game. That is to say, all needed elements in God of War are also available in Bit of War. In particular, it maintained God of War’s violent and bloody style, along with high playability and difficulty! In a word, for players who like the nostalgic and classic style of games, Bit of War won’t let you down!

// Game Controls //

  • F4 – switch between full-screen and window modes
  • F9 – screenshot
  • A – Jump, advance/speed up some dialogues and cutscenes
  • S – Attack with Blades of Chaos
  • Z – Select subweapon (when you have more than one)
  • X – Attack with subweapon (Gorgon Head requires you to hold this button down)
  • Enter – Pause, Select menu option
  • Down Arrow – Block, climb down ladders
  • Up Arrow – Go through doors, open chests, climb up ladders
  • Arrow Keys – Move around
  • ESC – During gameplay, press this to instantly quit to save/quit/restart from checkpoint menu

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • DirectPlay installation required (DirectX)

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Free game Latest n/a


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