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Blade & Sword (AKA: 刀剑封魔录, Dao Jian Feng Mo Lu, Клинок доблести) is an avant-garde but buried boutique ARPG game series, developed by Pixel Soft and published by Centent Interactive from China in 2002. As a Diablo-like ARPG game that comes with a unique combat system, Blade & Sword combines ARPG and fighting game elements in a good way.

Unlike almost any old or new ARPG games, Blade & Sword is an ARPG that focuses on fighting, which subtly introduced the design of fighting games. The plot of this game is old fashioned, but when you enter into game, you will be attracted by its exhilarating combats and meticulous operating system. In game, players can use stab, slash, chop, leap attack, dodge, block and other actions, as well as a variety of beautiful kung fu skills.

Blade & Sword broke through the common practice of dividing an area into squares in similar games, and employed the world coordinates to make the movement of players in game more natural and smooth, which can even simulate effects similar to those seen in 3D games. Very different from other ARPGs, players can not only develop their own heroes by upgrading, but also build their own elite weapons by upgrading. Even better, players can combine all the skills they’ve learned and use shortcut keys to play them all at once, avoiding the hassle of switching back and forth during combats.

The character production of this game introduced the creative multi-part system, which made the combat more real and interesting. The combat part employed the innovative fighting style, and introduced some classic elements in fighting games, such as dodge, combo attacks and deadly skill. This game uses full-screen dynamic light and shadow, which can well interpret the changes of day and night and light effects, and perfectly reflect various natural phenomena, such as wind, snow, rain and lighting.

Blade&Sword: Ancient Legend (刀剑封魔录外传:上古传说, Blade & Sword II — Ancient Legends) follows on from its predecessor in terms of game plot. As the gaiden (expansion pack) of Blade & Sword, it not only added a brand-new and complete story, but also added a new character (and a hidden character). In addition, the overall difficulty of this work increase significantly, and the missions are relatively more complicated. Moreover, in addition to the main quests, there are many side quests that can bring huge returns.

// Game Controls //

Control Description
Left Click (in combat) Move, Normal attacks or special attacks.
Right Click (in combat) Normal attacks, special attacks, combo attacks or throwing weapons.
Alt Defense, Killing Blow Preparing.
Hold down Shift Run
Space Bar Dodge
Mouse tracking (holding Alt or Ctrl) Killing Blow: holding down Alt/Ctrl, draw”-“, “|”, “Z”, “V”, a Killing Blow icon shows up, release Alt/Ctrl key then, Super attacks!
1~6 Using left belt items (potions, gems…).
F1~F6 Using right belt items (concealed weapons, magic scrolls…)
Q,W,E,R,T,Y Using right belt items (throwing weapons or scrolls).
A~L, Q~O Martial Arts hotkey customized.
Z Pick up.
Tab Open/Close maps.
B Open/Close Inventory Interface.
C Open/Close Character Interface.
V Open/Close Skills Interface.
N Open/Close Journey Interface.
ESC Open/Close System Interface.

// Fan Made Demo Videos //

// System Requirements //

  • DirectPlay

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Blade & Sword all works multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows.

// Prompts //

  • Windows XP users may need Intel Indeo Video encoder to run the game! You can find out this encoder in the root directory of the Gold Master Disk.

// Download URLs //

Language Version Download Size
Blade&Sword (刀剑封魔录)
English v1.05 Final 465 MB
Chinese reserved n/a
Blade&Sword: Ancient Legend (刀剑封魔录外传:上古传说)
Russian v2.00 772 MB
Chinese v2.01 reserved n/a


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