BlueStacks Tweaker – Root helper tool specially designed for BlueStacks Android emulator

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As everyone knows, BlueStacks (now called BlueStacks App Player) is the most popular Android emulator for playing Android games on Windows and Mac platforms. While BlueStacks Tweaker (BSTweaker for short) is an auxiliary program specifically designed for BlueStacks (mainly used to get root privileges on BlueStacks Android emulator on Windows), developed by Anatoly Jacobs from Russia.

In addition to simply and truly effectively rooting BlueStacks Android emulator, BlueStacks Tweaker can also modify various properties and information in BlueStacks. Common properties that can be modified are: GUID, Android ID, Google Advertising ID, build.prop file, and so on. These are important attributes for identifying a piece of hardware. That is, after you change these properties, the software thinks you are using another device. We can also emulate some special device models by modifying the build.prop file so as to download some Google Play proprietary apps.

You can install Tapjoy on Android to see whether the key information of this device has been changed or not. Thereinto, the IMEI corresponds to the GUID in BSTweaker, the Mac address of device is also related to GUID, and the Android Serial is related to Android ID in BSTweaker. Another notable feature is the BstSharedFolder, which is a shared folder. You can put a file under this path (/storage/sdcard/windows/BstSharedFolder/), so that you can find the corresponding Windows file under sdcard in the BlueStacks emulator.

BTW, as for how to use BlueStacks Tweaker better, the official website has produced many very detailed and comprehensive video tutorials for us, which are enough to help us solve all kinds of problems and demands we encounter in the process of using this software.

// Key Features //

  • General information about BlueStacks // path to the folder of the program, version, image size disks (* .vdi), running services
  • Start / Stop / Forced stop all processes / services / drivers // helps with infinite load
  • Obtaining Root // su binary is taken from superuser_X_PRO_vX-48.apk
  • Disable the Window of Purchase and One Time Setup
  • Change IMEI / Subscriber ID / Sim Card Serial / Wifi MAC address / Android ID // After applying the patch. The change is only in HDPlus mode after launching BlueStacks verify that run the service BstHdPlusAndroidSvc and BstkDrv, instead BstHdAndroidSvc and BstHdDrv
  • Change the model of phone // As a base used phones provided by the developers of the files with the models and operators by country
  • Change the Google Advertising ID // advertising ID by Google
  • Changing the internal resolution BlueStacks // External resolution is edited by regular means BlueStacks menu Preferences
  • Change DPI // Screen Density
  • Changing the RAM // Maximum 4096MB or 1/2 of installed RAM (smaller of the values)
  • Copying files / cache on your computer to BlueStacks and back. // Direct copying to / from BlueStacks directly into the appropriate folder (similar to copying through TotalCommander with adb-plugin, but must be copied much faster).
  • Reduction of data folders to the real size. // Compressed .vdi image to the actual size, which is occupied by the installed applications
  • Work in several profiles. // The ability to create multiple copies of BlueStacks with a different set of programs. Only one copy can run.
  • Deleting the preset shortcuts from the desktop of BlueStacks
  • Total stop BstHdLogRotatorSvc service
  • Deleting the banner (BS 2.6.100)
  • Disable the Window “Sign in with Google”
  • Backup/Restore GUID/phone/resolution
  • Factory reset
  • Change size of Internal Storage and SDCard
  • Disable Promo
  • ….

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+

// Prompts //

  • BlueStacks Tweaker supports BlueStacks in all languages except the Chinese version, which has been heavily infiltrated with lots of malicious code and ads.

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// Download URLs //

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