bomb4x4 – The world's first 3D four-wheel-drive monstertruck game

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bomb4x4 – The world's first 3D four-wheel-drive monstertruck game

bomb4x4 is a super violent, global pioneered saltatory 3D monster truck game, with unlimited levels and handpicked special made cars (bigfoot monstertruck and roadster).

Of course, bomb4x4 cann't do without Nitro (liquid nitrogen) and a variety of jumping ways, it can even launch attacks, that is ultra cool! Moreover, bomb4x4's visual effects will be beyond your imagination, i dare say it is absolutely full of personality - you can bounce with wheels which is really dye-in-the-wood!

Imagine you drive an extreme aggressiveness and luxury monster car to do what will never come true or to attempt the fierce driving stunts in the real world, including global sired jumping cross-country, blocks before you and pursuers after you, even slungshots in the sky, also with traps on the ground.

In general, the fierce rolling, impact, jumping, explosion of monster cars, combined with perfect interactivity of bomb4x4, all of which make the liveness of this game even beyond Hollywood car driving stunt, which absolutely will make players' adrenal gland boiling!

bomb4x4 – The world's first 3D four-wheel-drive monstertruck game

// Game Controls //

  • SPACE - all wheels jump
  • mouse LB/RB (LB/RB can set swap) - front/back wheels jump
  • roll mouse MB - zoom view
  • mouse move - rotate view
  • A/D (A/D can set swap) - lean front/back
  • W/S - go/back
  • press SHIFT - use nitro
  • ESC - pause/continue

// Edition Statement //

This is the bomb4x4 v2010.11.1 portable full version, made by SoleWe.

// Download URLs //

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