BORGChat – Most complete LAN IM application

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Now in people’s everyday life and work, we can’t do without the network, and for network applications, instant messaging software play an important role. If your local area network (LAN) cannot be connected to the public network or not convenient to use ICQ, MSN such kind of IM applications that are already well known to everybody, then please use BORGChat, which can completely replace them perfectly.

BORGChat is a powerful LAN instant messaging tool with fresh user interface and very rich functionality, developed by IOn (Ionut Cioflan) from Romania in 2002. It supports file transfer, group chat, private chat, private messages, message boards and different channels (including encrypted channel); supports BB Code, quick news… (Shift + F1….F12) and commands (/? /help /me /here /clear /nick, etc.).

In addition, BORGChat can custom the modes of message and status, and divides users in the LAN into groups, it also supports the blacklist, plug-ins and chat logs, moreover, BORGChat supports multiple languages.

LAN file transferring software is almost entirely monopolized by “IP Messenger (IPMSG)“, these stuffs just like ICQ, when everyone is using one of them, it is hardly realistic for you to change another. As for BORGChat, I will regard it as a enhanced version of IPMSG, so, if/when the functions of IPMSG can’t satisfy you, then do remember to try BORGChat.

// Key Features //

  • Main chat
  • Private chat
  • Channels open and private
  • Message board
  • Private message
  • User informations
  • Send File with pause and bandwidth control
  • Send Picture from Clipboard
  • Beep user / group
  • View computers and shares from your network
  • Message on Messenger service/Winpopup program
  • More than 200 ANIMATED SMILES and the possibility to add your own
  • Buletin Board Code (Bold,Italic,Underline,Insert: IMG,QUOTE,URL,HR)
  • Quick messages with key combinations Shift+F1…F12
  • Commands /? /help /me /here /clear /nick etc
  • 3 Chat modes Here/Busy/Away with customizable messages
  • Ignore private messages/ all messages
  • Add to block list (message filtration)
  • Online Alerts
  • Chat logs
  • Transparent icons when chat is not in front/hidden
  • Multi-language support

// Tips //

  • For more tutorial about BORGChat, please right click the tray icon and select ‘Help’, you can also get the HotKeys list of BORGChat there!

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Freeware v1.0.0 Build 438 Final n/a


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