Canabalt HD – Run, run, run!

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Canabalt HD – Run, run, run!

Canabalt was a flash based small game originally published in 2009, and after became popular in multiple platforms, like  iOSCommodore 64PlayStation PortableAndroid, Ouya. It will make you think of the classic series of action movie "Brick Mansions"!

Canabalt HD – Run, run, run!

It's sort of like Z-Rox (even a second's hesitation, that means game over). Canabalt is a fairly fast-paced and endless-escape runner game (run & jump) with pixel and parkour styles. It has concise graphics and challenging, infinite and random levels, in which players need to control the character to run on various dangerous buildings, so as to escape from danger. Besides, the game graphics and music were done so attentively that it will make you feel really cool when playing.

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Below AppNee provides you Canabalt Origianl Flash & Wide-Screen portable versions for PC, and Canabalt HD for PSP, Android OS.

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PC (Original)Canabalt HD – Run, run, run!8.18 MB
PC (Wide)Canabalt HD – Run, run, run!8.18 MB
PSP (HD)Canabalt HD – Run, run, run!9.37 MB
Android (HD)Canabalt HD – Run, run, run!12.2 MB

(Original Flash | HD Edition)

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