[v8.0] CCProxy – Powerful and popular proxy server for LAN network

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CCProxy is a user-friendly, powerful and popular multi-account proxy server software developed by Youngzsoft from China, primarily used for Internet sharing and online behavior monitoring within the local area network (LAN). Even for users who are not very familiar with accessing the Internet via proxy, they can still use CCProxy to set up their own proxy server in a few minutes. For enterprises, schools, institutions, families, players, CCProxy can be your first choice to build proxy servers in order to realize the shared Internet access and monitoring of Internet access behaviors.

As a time-honored Internet sharing software (first released in 2000), and with the change of market demand and constant update of technology, CCProxy has already developed into a comprehensive proxy server toolset from the original simple proxy software. It integrates sharing Internet access, client Internet behavior and proxy permission management, website access control, bandwidth/connection speed limit, only specified software is allowed to access to the Internet, port forwarding, and more functions in one place.

CCProxy is mainly used for the shared Internet access within LAN, supports ADSL dial-up, broadband Internet access, dedicated line access, ISDN, satellite Internet access, secondary proxy, SOCKS5 proxy, 3G Internet access, Bluetooth Internet access, and so on almost all known Internet access methods. At the same time, it can also perform corresponding user permissions management, including Internet access authentication, online time management, website and content filtering, bandwidth and connection number control, website access blacklist & whitelist, Internet speed and Internet application (especially social software) restrictions, logging system, traffic statistics, and more functions.

The significance of CCProxy lies in that as long as one PC in a LAN can access the Internet, all other machines can share the Internet access through this PC installed with CCProxy (we call it the proxy server), thus reducing both hardware and Internet access costs to a great extent. In addition, all you need to do is set up accounts in the CCProxy on this server, then you can easily manage the permissions of all proxy clients. This way, CCProxy also plays an important role in improving employees’ work efficiency and enterprise information security management.

// Key Features //

  • Modem, Cable Modem, ISDN, ADSL, Satellite, DDN, WiFi and so on are supported(more)
  • HTTP, FTP, Gopher, SOCKS4/5, Telnet, Secure (HTTPS), News (NNTP), RTSP and MMS proxy are supported
  • Port Mapping is supported
  • Web cache can enhance browsing speed. The size and refresh time of the cache can be easily changed
  • Bandwidth control flexibly manages the traffic usage of clients
  • Time schedule can easily control the clients’ on-line time(access time control)
  • Web filter can ban the specified web sites or content, It can also name specific web sites for browsing
  • URL filtering prevents users from downloading files with designated extensions via IE
  • There are seven types of account authentication: IP address, IP range, MAC address, User Name/Password, IP + User Name/Password, MAC + User Name/Password and IP + MAC
  • Parent proxy function enables CCProxy to access the Internet via another proxy
  • Dial-On-Demand, remote dial up and auto disconnect are supported
  • Access Logging can keep a full record of the Internet access log
  • It enables IE and Firefox to access the Internet through HTTP/Secure/FTP (Web)/Gopher. Learn more about how to proxy server for IE and other browsers
  • SOCKS5 proxy support allows use of ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, CuteFTP, CuteFTP Pro and WS-FTP
  • Mail proxy supports Outlook, Eudora etc.
  • Supports NetTerm accessing the Internet via Telnet proxy
  • Supports Outlook connecting to the News server via News proxy
  • Support SOCKS5 and web authentication
  • Support for Real Player RTSP proxy and Media Player MMS proxy
  • Built-in DNS can resolve domain names
  • Windows 7/2008/2003/XP/Vista compatible
  • Bandwidth usage statistics

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the CCProxy multilingual full installers and all versions universal keymaker for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for v8.x:

  1. Download and install CCProxy
  2. Run program, click ‘Register‘, click ‘Offline register‘, and copy the “Machine ID
  3. Run the universal keymaker, paste the “Machine ID“, and click ‘Generate
  4. Copy the generated serial number and register code back to registration window, and click ‘Register
  5. Done

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Version Download Size
v8.0 Build 20180914 5.12 MB


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