CentOS Web Panel – Best free server control panel for Linux web hosting

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There are many free or commercial Linux VPS control panels on the market (such as VestaCP, Webmin, Kloxo, ISPConfig, etc.), which basically can be installed and used on Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian and other Linux distributions. CentOS Web Panel, though, is a distinctive one. For example, it is able to automatically deploy LAMP‘s software bundle and Varnish HTTP Cache servers.

CentOS Web Panel (CWP for short) is a free yet very powerful Linux server control panel for Linux web hostings, developed by STUDIO 4 HOST from Croatia. It will automatically install full set of LAMP services (featuring: Apache, PHP, phpMyAdmin, webmail, mailserver, etc.) on your dedicated or VPS server. As the name suggests, it is specifically designed for RPM-based Linux distributions (mainly CentOS, RHEL, CloudLinux, Scientific Linux, and so on), and can be widely used to simply configure a web hosting environment.

In CentOS Web Panel (CWP), we can implement all the functions you can see in many other control panels, such as creating websites, adding databases, DNS system, post office system, third-party plugin system, CSF firewall, file manager, script installation, and so on. Thereinto, some more attractive features include: server performance real-time display, firewall settings and data backup function. Of course, it excels in many aspects of server management, such as adjusting Apache configuration, switching PHP versions, server performance monitoring, security protection, SSL certificate management, Let’s Encrypt enablement, and so on.

Although the features of CentOS Web Panel are very comprehensive and powerful, it’s complex and difficult to get started with quickly, so that you have to spend some more time researching and learning about it. Anyway, CentOS Web Panel is definitely a rare free server control/management panel on CentOS. BTW, CWP is only recommended when you need a fully functional VPS control panel; while when you only need to quickly move to a new server, then we recommend you to use VestaCP instead.

// Key Features //

What are the Installation and Configuration characteristics during Installation of CWP?
  • Apache Web Server (Mod Security + Automatic updated rules optional)
  • PHP 5.6 (suPHP, SuExec + PHP version switcher)
  • MySQL/MariaDB + phpMyAdmin
  • Postfix + Dovecot + roundcube webmail (Antivirus, Spamassassin optional)
  • CSF Firewall
  • File System Lock (no more website hacking, all your files are locked from changes)
  • Backups (optional)
  • AutoFixer for server configuration
3rd Party Aplications
CentOS Web Panel (CWP)
CWP user panel
  • High security of the panel by running all client actions under client username
  • secure login authorizations by using oauth tokens
  • Advanced and secure file manager
  • dns zone manager
  • custom themes and languages
  • script installer for: wordpress, PrestaShop, eXtplorer
Web Server
  • Varnish Cache server (improve your server performances up to three times)
  • Nginx Reverse Proxy (get you static files delivered in the fastest way)
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise integrated
  • Compiles Apache from source (improves performance up to 15%)
  • Apache reCompiler + Additional modules installation with one click
  • Apache server status, configuration
  • Apache Redirects Manager
  • Edit apache vhosts, vhosts templates, include configuration
  • Rebuild all apache Virtual hosts with one click
  • suPHP & suExec (improved security)
  • Mod Security: Comodo WAF, OWASP rules (one click install, automatic updates, easy management)
  • Tomcat 8 server management & install in one click
  • DoS protection from the Slow-Loris attacks
  • Apache with spamhaus RBL protection (Protecting http PUT,POST,CONNECT)
  • Perl cgi script support
User Management
  • FreeDNS (Free DNS Server, no need for additional IPs)
  • Add, Edit, List and Remove DNS zones
  • Edit nameserver IPs
  • DNS zone template editor
  • New Easy DNS Zone Manager (with ajax)
  • New DNS Zone list with Additional resolving information using google (also checking rDNS, nameservers….)
  • postfix & dovecot
  • MailBoxes, Alias
  • Roundcube webmail
  • Postfix Mail queue manager
  • rDNS Checker Module (check you rDNS records)
  • AntiSPAM (Spamhaus cronjob)
  • SpamAssassin, RBL checking, AmaViS, ClamAV, OpenDKIM
  • SPF & DKIM Integration
  • Re-Build Postfix/Dovecot Mail server with (AntiVirus, AntiSpam Protection)
  • Email Auto Responder
  • Email Explore, read all mailboxes from one location.
  • Mail Routing (local or remote MX Exchanger)
  • Hardware Information (CPU core and clock info)
  • Memory Information (Memory usage info)
  • Disk Info (Detailed Disk status)
  • Software Info (kernel version, uptime…)
  • Services Status (Quick services restart eg. Apache, FTP,Mail…)
  • ChkConfig Manager (Quick list and manage your services)
  • Services Monitor (automatic restart of services and email notifications)
  • Network port usage
  • Network configuration
  • SSHD configuration
  • Auto-Fixer (checks important configuration and tries to auto-fix issues)
  • Sysstat Graphs
  • Live Monitoring (Monitor services eg. top, apache stats, mysql…)
  • Use Java SSH Terminal/Console within panel
  • Services Configuration (eg. Apache, PHP, MySQL…)
  • Run shell commands in screen/background
Additional options
  • TeamSpeak 3 Manager (Voice servers)
  • Shoutcast Manager (Shoutcast streaming servers)
  • Auto-update
  • Backup manager
  • File Manager
  • Scripts folder “/scripts” over 15+ scripts
  • Virtual FTP users per domain
  • cPanel Account Migration (restores files, databases and database users)
  • Torrent SeedBox (one click install with Deluge WebGU)
  • SSH key generator
and many many other options…

// System Requirements //

  • 32-bit Server – 512 MB RAM
  • 64-bit Server – 1024 MB RAM
  • HDD – 10 GB
  • 4 GB+ RAM (recommended)

// Supported OS //

// Prompts //

  • CWP has no uninstaller, since you are installing it on the clean “CentOS 6 minimal version” it completely modifies your system and installs tons of packages.
  • The only way to remove CWP is to reinstall your server to the original state, like you had it before CWP installation.

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// Download URLs //

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