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When it comes to car racing games, most of them are traditional RAC type: you drive a car to overtake your opponents or get to the destination within the given time. In this fixed mode of gameplay, no matter how good the system is, how smooth the controls are, how many vehicles are made and how cool they are, players will soon get bored with this cookie-cutter game mechanics.

Chase H.Q. (AKA: チェイスH.Q., full name: Chase Headquarters) is a classic and popular vehicular combat + racing arcade video game series, developed and published by Taito from Japan in 1988. It’s essentially a spiritual successor of Taito’s earlier game Full Throttle (which is also known as Top Speed, released in 1987). It has three sequels: Special Criminal Investigation (1989), Super Chase: Criminal Termination (1992) and Chase H.Q. 2 (2007), as well as two spin-offs: Crime City (1989) and Quiz H.Q. (1990).

As an old, unusual racing game, Chase H.Q. was not mainly based on a car racing mode, but rather on the survival style of racing that was popular in the early days – tracking and capturing the criminal offenders. In addition to enjoying the pleasure of driving down the road, players can also experience the excitement of police and bandits chasing cars and crashing violently. BTW, the graphics and controls are very smooth.

In the mission of each level, the early stage is the traditional timing mode, in which the player needs to catch up with the enemy within the required time. And when you catch up with the enemy, the game mode changes immediately, in which you have to repeatedly ram the criminal’s vehicle until it is completely disabled so as to capture the criminal. This way, players can have two different game experiences in one game, which is unique among similar games and received a lot of players’ favor.

// Collected Games //

Title Platform
Chase H.Q. GB, GG, MAME, NES, PC Engine
Chase H.Q. II/2 MAME, Sega Genesis, PC
Super H.Q. Sega Genesis, SNES
Special Criminal Investigation (S.C.I.) PC Engine
Super Chase: Criminal Termination MAME
Ray Tracers PSX

// Fan Made Demo Videos //

// System Requirements //

  • DirectPlay
  • Windows Media Video 9 VCM Codec

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Chase H.Q. all game works for game consoles and Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Use Instructions //

for Chase H.Q. 2 on Windows:


  • DirectSound wrapper support
  • DirectX9c wrapper support
  • Window Mode Support
  • Support the creation of the sv folder in the current directory
  • Support for XBox control
  • Support for joysticks using DInput, Winmm and GetAsyncKeystate
  • It works on WindowsXP (remove the file dinput8.dll)

How to perform HD settings:

Solution 1: Using JConfig (JVS/NESiCA Config)

Solution 2: Using dgVoodoo

  1. Set dgVoodoo as the following table
  2. Click ‘Apply‘, then click ‘OK
  3. Copy the following files from dgVoodoo (under “MS” folder) to game folder (DLLs must be the x86 versions, x64 DLLs do not work on this game):
    • dgVoodoo.conf
    • (dgVoodooCpl.exe)
    • D3D8.dll
    • D3D9.dll
    • D3DImm.dll
    • DDraw.dll
  4. Done
  • Output API: Direct3D 11 (feature level 11.0)
  • Full Screen Output: Default
  • Appearance: Full Screen
  • Miscellaneous: “Keep window aspect ratio” and ” Capture mouse” checked
  • All other boxes: unchecked
  • Videocard: GeForce FX 5700 Ultra
  • VRAM: 256 MB
  • Texture/Filtering: Force anisotropic 4x
  • Disable Mipmapping: checked
  • Resolution: the greatest your display support
  • Antialiasing (MSAA): 4x
  • All other boxes: unchecked

// Prompts //

  • If nancy doesn’t appear, then you need to install the WMV codecs. run “wmv9VCMsetup.exe” to install them.
  • F3 = Some contrast controls
  • (in game) Press F = Switches from Gouraud shading to normal

// Download URLs //

Game Console Emulator Download Size
Chase H.Q.
Chase H.Q. GB BizHawk 50.4 KB
MAME Mame32 Plus! 5.21 MB
Taito Chase H.Q. GG Kega Fusion 57.4 KB
NES BizHawk 130 KB
PC Engine 223 KB
Super Chase H.Q. GB BizHawk 69.3 KB
Chase H.Q. 2/II
Chase H.Q. 2 MAME Unknown reserved 1.04 GB
PC Windows 543 MB
Chase H.Q. II Sega Genesis BizHawk 404 KB
Super H.Q. Sega Genesis BizHawk 222 KB
Super H.Q. Criminal Chaser SNES 445 KB
Special Criminal Investigation (S.C.I.) PC Engine BizHawk 292 KB
Super Chase: Criminal Termination MAME ExtraMAME 8.49 MB
Ray Tracers PSX DuckStation 287 MB


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