[v4.5] Cartoon Animator – World’s easiest one-for-all 2D animation software

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Cartoon Animator 4 (formerly called CrazyTalk Animator) is by far the simplest face and body 2D animation suite in the world, developed by Reallusion (its another 2D facial animation software tool is CrazyTalk) from Taiwan in China. It has been regarded as the 2D animation creator’s dream tool that can bring you an unprecedented usage experience.

As a very unique two-dimensional animation tool, CrazyTalk Animator provides a visual production environment, feature-rich, exciting and innovative drawing tools, as well as fully functional PSD solutions that allow you to give full play to your creativity. Moreover, it can apply the actions in three-dimensional space to 2D characters, so that character can have more logical movements; multi-angle human face animation technique makes the character’s facial expression more natural and unique; new rendering technique can create unique character in real time; different materials can be used for different animations.

CrazyTalk Animator is especially suitable for creating 2D cartoon characters in the service of video scenes explanation, online game, software presentation and demonstration, and so on scenarios, therefore the film or video creators and game designers can make their characters more energetic! In short, CrazyTalk Animator is able to let users immediately convert images and simple graphics to 2D dynamic characters in a fun and intuitive way, so as to create professional 2D animations with the least effort.

// Key Features //

Feature Details
Production Environment
  • 3D camera system.
  • Motion path and timeline editing.
  • Motion Curve and Render Style.
  • Support up to 4K Hight Resolution Monitor.
Create Characters
  • 2D character rigging and bone tools.
  • Character templates for humans, animals, and more.
  • Create multi-angled 2D characters.
Animate Characters
  • Animate 2D characters with 3D motions.
  • Elastic and bouncy curve editing.
  • Facial puppet and audio lip-syncing.
  • 2D facial Free Form Deformation.
Create 2D Talking Heads
  • Sprite-based Facial System.
  • Morph animation from facial images.
  • Employ talking heads on any character.
PSD Pipeline
  • Turn Photoshop Layers into animated 2D characters
  • Use PSD templates for human and animal designs
  • Export animations to PSD Layers for graphic editing
  • Easily generate a whole series of cartoon characters
LIVE Facial Mocap
  • Generate motion capture from iPhone X depth camera
  • Create your own real-time show to broadcast live
  • Adjust strength levels for different facial features
  • Choose optimized Face Profiles for different character types
Prop Dynamics & SFX
  • Give life to props – Elastic Motion.
  • Create Interactive Compound Animations.
  • Combine props & link SFX.
  • Light and shades – Effect Layers
Import & Export
  • Immerse your video actor into a 2D animation.
  • Supports popular image and video formats.
  • Image sequence export for video compositing.
Pipeline Features
  • Import 3D motions for 2D character animations.
  • Custom create new character bases.
  • Complete Photoshop to Animation Design Pipeline. NEW
  • Create unique Elastic Motion libraries.
  • Design vector-based content with Multiple Render Styles.

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Cartoon Animator/CrazyTalk Animator Pipeline Edition multilingual full installers, unlocked files along with resource packs for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit and Mac.

// Installation Notes //

for Windows:

  1. Download and install program, do not launch it
  2. Then install the resource pack online or offline
  3. Copy the unlocked file(s) to installation folder (under CrazyTalk Animator 3 or Cartoon Animator 4 folder) and overwrite
  4. Done

*** Use this program offline, or block it with your firewall (otherwise it may quit with invalid serial error prompt)

*** Don’t update program.

*** About the resource pack, we are not sure if it checks the valid Pipeline serial to install or not. But if it fails to install, try to install the resource pack first, then install the main program.

for Mac:

  1. Install program along with resource pack
  2. Copy the unlocked binary file to the corresponding path and overwrite:
    • /Applications/CrazyTalk Animator 3-Trial.app/Contents/MacOS/
    • /Applications/Cartoon Animator 4-Trial.app/Contents/MacOS/
  3. Done

*** Use Little Snitch or Hands Off! to block this program. If not properly blocked, it will quit saying invalid serial.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
CrazyTalk Animator for Windows
Pipeline Edition v3.31 Final reserved 640 MB
CrazyTalk Animator for Mac
Pipeline Edition v3.31 Final reserved 510 MB
Cartoon Animator for Windows
Pipeline Edition v4.5 64-bit 655 MB
Cartoon Animator for Mac
Pipeline Edition v4.5 650 MB
Resource Packs
for CrazyTalk Animator v3.2 Windows 169 MB
for Cartoon Animator v4.0 Mac 369 MB
v4.5 Windows 386 MB


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