Create A 3D Beat Em Up Game in Unity

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Create A 3D Beat Em Up Game in Unity (AKA: Unity Game Development: Create A 3D Beat Em Up Game) is a free video tutorial created by Awesome Tuts in 2019. The full course consists of 4.5 hours of on-demand video (both separated and integrated) + 2 articles + 2 downloadable resources. This tutorial covers everything you need to know about creating a basic Beat ‘Em Up type of 3D game.

In this tutorial, what you’ll learn are write programs in C#; work with 3D models; animation in Unity; create Enemy AI; engage characters in a fight; build 3D games, etc. Specifically, you will learn all the fundamentals for creating a stunning 3D fight games with the popular Unity game engine: including Physics, Pathfinding, Basic artificial intelligence, Lightning & lightmapping, Character animations, Scripting, Sound FX & music, Particle FX, Battle System, Raycasting, and a lot more.

Create A 3D Beat Em Up Game in Unity is specially made for complete game development beginners, or software programmers who want to learn game development from scratch. If you want to make your dream of creating a 3D fight game come true, do not miss this course, it won’t let you down. BTW, do remember one thing – the best and only way to learn how to create a game is always by practice.

// Covered Topics //

  • Importing Assets
  • Configuring Our Player
  • Creating Player Animations
  • Player Movement Script
  • Character Animation Script
  • Player Attack Script
  • Configuring Our Enemies
  • Enemy Movement Script
  • Creating Player Attack Points For Detecting And Dealing Damage
  • Character Animation Delegate Script
  • Creating The Health Script
  • Knocking Down Enemy With Combos
  • Adding Sound FX In The Game
  • Camera Shake FX
  • Enemy Attack Points And Dealing Damage To Player
  • Enemy Manager Script
  • Displaying Health Stats With UI

// Timeline for Single-Video Version //

  1. (0:00) Intro
  2. (3:47) Importing Assets
  3. (7:49) Configuring Our Player
  4. (12:34) Creating Player Animations
  5. (28:32) Player Movement Script
  6. (48:08) Character Animation Script
  7. (1:07:00) Player Attack Script
  8. (1:30:18) Configuring Our Enemies
  9. (1:49:52) Enemy Movement Script
  10. (2:19:58) Creating Player Attack Points For Detecting And Dealing Damage
  11. (2:34:34) Character Animation Delegate Script
  12. (3:04:51) Creating The Health Script
  13. (3:11:37) Knocking Down Enemy With Combos
  14. (3:26:02) Adding Sound FX In The Game
  15. (3:44:59) Camera Shake FX
  16. (3:57:31) Enemy Attack Points And Dealing Damage To Player
  17. (4:14:18) Enemy Manager Script
  18. (4:20:03) Displaying Health Stats With UI

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