[v2021] Creative Fonts Collection – Incredible fonts collection for every project

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Creative Fonts Collection is a large collection of thousands of classic and creative fonts, each typeface of which was designed and crafted by the SummitType Foundry (a division of Summitoft). That means each font is high-quality, unique and can not be found anywhere else, making this fonts collection a great source for your unique projects.

Creative Fonts Collection mainly consists of three subcollections: Traditional Fonts Collection (includes classic, cursive, creativity, designer, cool and handwriting fonts), Wonderful Fonts Collection (includes sci-fi, fun, sports, fantastic, games, and comic fonts), and Seasonal Fonts Collection (includes Christmas, Spring, Halloween, Classroom, Valentines and Wedding fonts and clip arts). Besides, it also provides a preview and management tool for fonts.

Every font in this collection contains a complete set of characters, as well as all symbols and special characters used in international and foreign languages. In short, this fonts collection is actually a full set of fonts made for different occasions, and each font is divided into the corresponding thematic set. These themes are: Classic, Comic, Creativity, Cursive, Handwriting, Sci-Fi, Christmas, Classroom, Halloween, Wedding, Valentines.

In Creative Fonts Collection, all fonts are OpenType format (the same industry standard used by Microsoft and Adobe, stays sharp and clear at any size), licensed and royalty-free for both personal and commercial use for any project. Therefore, it’s rest easy knowing that you can use them where ever and whenever you like.

// Included Fonts //

Font Pack Description
Creative Fonts Classic 10 hand-selected, professionally crafted fonts to use with any classically inspired newsletter, invitation, or project.
Creative Fonts Comic Have fun and be creative with 10 hand-selected, professionally crafted fonts usable with any program for any personal or professional project.
Creative Fonts Creativity Eclectic. Eccentric. Creative. The Creativity collection contains 10 hand-selected, professionally crafted fonts as varied as your own imagination.
Creative Fonts Cursive Add sophistication to your next soirée invitation, with a cursive font that shows off your inner luxury.
Creative Fonts Handwriting Create that invite with the special, personal touch your guests deserve and take the mass production feel out of any project.
Creative Fonts Sci-Fi Dominate your next sci-fi event with a high-tech, space-aged look and feel.
Creative Fonts Christmas Includes 35 hand-selected, professionally crafted fonts perfect for any Christmas project.
Creative Fonts Classroom Jumbo sized collection of fonts and graphics with an education theme perfect for any teacher or parent.
Creative Fonts Halloween Spooktacular fonts and graphics to help spice up your Halloween decor.
Creative Fonts Wedding Create invitations, programs, thank you notes and more with these elegant fonts.
Creative Fonts Valentines Sweetheart fonts and clipart for Valentine’s Day

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Creative Fonts Collection multilingual full installers for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v2021 291 MB


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