CrxMouse – Custom mouse gestures for easy navigation in Chrome

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Mouse gestures are not something new in many variations of Google Chrome (those developed based on Chromium). If you want to enjoy the great convenience of mouse gestures on your Chrome-based browser, you have to install some third-party extensions, and CrxMouse is one of them. After installing this plug-in, users can set corresponding mouse gestures according to their preferences, then complete many regular web page operations completely through mouse actions.

CrxMouse (full name: CrxMouse Chrome Gestures) is a very popular and extremely practical function enhancement plug-in for Google Chrome web browser. It’s dedicated to achieve various web page operations through mouse only, so as to fully exploit the full potential of mouse in a Chrome browser. We can use it to get the most out of all the mouse operations in Chrome, including mouse gestures, super drag & drop, scroll gestures, rocker gestures, smooth scrolling, tags list, etc.

Do ever not discount mouse gestures this small function extension brought to Chrome. Because it makes using Chrome significantly more efficient, and brings us with better usage experience. Finally, please note that – although CrxMouse is so powerful and popular, AppNee doesn’t add an “Editors’ Choice” tag to it. That’s because we always prefer simpler and more specific alternative solutions like miniGestures.

// Key Features //

  • Supports various mouse actions
  • Fully customizable mouse gestures, keystrokes, actions, and mouse movements
  • Control and navigate your Chrome tabs
  • Back – Forward navigation
  • Customizable scrolling options
  • Enhanced text copy
  • Zooming
  • Screenshot
  • View page source
  • Add specific sites to a blacklist
  • Import and export configurations
  • Windows, Linux and Mac platforms support

// Supported Mouse Actions //

Mouse Gesture
Perform actions by drawing different gestures, such as closing tabs. The trigger key is the right mouse button (Linux/Mac users can choose to use the middle or left mouse button).

  • Press + Hold Right Button (anywhere on the screen) and Drag to perform the following:
    • ↓→ : close current tab
    • ↓→↑ : open a new window
    • ← : back
    • ←↑ : reopen closed tabs
    • → : forward
    • →↓ : scroll to bottom
    • →↑ : scroll to top
    • ↑ : scroll up one page
    • ↑↓ : refresh
    • ↑↓↑ : force a refresh
    • ↑← : move to the left tab
    • ↑→ : move to the right tab
    • ↓→↓ : close current window
Super Drag
Drag text, link or picture; draw different gestures to complete the corresponding actions, such as: copy the link address, perform quick search, etc. The trigger key is the left mouse button.

  • Press + Hold Left Button and drag links to perform the following actions:
    • → : open link in a new tab
    • ← : open link in a new tab (background)
    • ←↓→ : copy text
    • →↓← : copy URL
  • Press + Hold Left Button and drag text to perform the following actions:
    • ← : search in new tab (background)
    • → : search in a new tab
Wheel Gestures
Hold down the left/right mouse button, then scroll up/down to achieve some functional operations.

  • Press + Hold Right Button and scroll to perform the following actions:
    • ↑: scroll to top
  • Press + Hold Left Button and Scroll to perform the following actions:
    • ↓: scroll to bottom
When a web page is a bit long, we need to use the mouse wheel to scroll the page. In this case, “smooth scrolling” makes the action smoother and more comfortable.
Rocker Gestures
Hold down the left mouse button, then click the middle/right mouse button; Hold down the middle mouse button, then click the left/right mouse button; Hold down the right mouse button, then click the left/middle mouse button. Through these operations to achieve some functionality.
Tabs List
In the center of screen, displays the already opened Chrome tabs in a list. This makes it easy to find the pages you need if you have many tabs open. Trigger mode: hold down the right mouse button (can be modified to the left), then scroll the mouse wheel (middle key).

// Official Demo Video //

// Prompts //

  • Please note: Mouse gesture navigation doesn’t work on Chrome’s built-in pages (including the “New Tab” page) because of Google’s security restrictions.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

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