CS2D – Unofficial 2D edition of the classic Counter-Strike

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The 2D edition of Counter-Strike? Yes, if you are tired of playing the 3D edition of Counter-Strike, I do suggest that you try this 2D one. It is so interesting that players who like 2D game and CS should not miss it.

Counter-Strike 2D (CS2D) is a 2D shooting game based on the famous 3D FPS game Counter-Strike, developed by by Unreal Software from Germany, first released in 2004. Although only a 2D version, yet it has all elements of CS, and even more powerful.

CS2D uses the 90-degree top-down 2D perspective, supports online play and offline bots war. There is even a map editor provided for players who like DIY. BTW, it’s totally free, portable and cross-platform, and provides both server end and client end for gamers.

// Key Features //

  • Fast paced online action (or offline against bots!)
  • All original Counter-Strike 1.6 weapons and many more
  • Many modes: CS-like, DM, Zombies, Construction…
  • Easy to use map editor with entity/trigger system
  • Console & buy scripts like the real CS
  • Modify & extend with Lua scripts
  • Many active players around the world, loads of custom maps and scripts!

// Default Controls //

  • WASD – arrow keys
  • Q – change weapons
  • E – open the door/disasseble the bomb
  • R – charger full
  • G – throw current weapon
  • 1,2,3,4,5 – switch to the corresponding weapon
  • ESC – return game

// Game Modes //

  • Standard (normal Counter-Strike)
  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Construction
  • Zombies!

// Map Types With Special Goals //

  • DE: bomb defuse (Standard)
  • CS: hostage rescue (Standard)
  • AS: VIP assassination (Standard)
  • CTF: capture the flag (Team Deathmatch / Construction)
  • DOM: domination (Team Deathmatch / Construction)

// Weapons & Items //

  • ALL original Counter-Strike weapons, including the tactical shield, using original sounds
  • Different armors (including a medic armor and a stealth armor)
  • Medikits & bandages
  • Money items
  • Close combat: machete, wrench, claw, chainsaw
  • Special “grenades”: flare, molotov cocktail, gas grenade, airstrike, snowball
  • Launchers: RPG launcher, rocket launcher, grenade launcher
  • Mines: mines, laser mines
  • And more: flamethrower, laser, portal gun, … – over 70 different items in total!

// Create & Extend //

  • Sounds and graphics can be replaced
  • Create and use your own spraylogos
  • Easy to use map editor
  • Entity & trigger system
  • Server-sided Lua script system allows to modify and extend the gameplay
  • Console & buy scripts like the original Counter-Strike

// Official Demo Video //

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Free game Latest Client | Server n/a


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