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CSS in Depth is a complete and clear guide, a CSS bible to keep up with the times, which will take you from novice to expert in the CSS field. The purpose of this book is to give the reader an in-depth understanding of the CSS language and a quick understanding of the new developments and features of CSS. Not only does the book have a well-explained concept introduction, but it also has detailed step-by-step examples that will help you improve your Web development skills and inspire your design so as to become a true Web development superior.

The entire book mainly covers four aspects: 1) Review the basic knowledge, and focus on a few details that are easily overlooked, including cascade and inheritance, relative units, and box models; 2) Introduce the key tools of web layout, such as floating layout, Flexbox, grid layout, positioning, responsive design, etc. 3) Introduces the latest best practices, including how to organize CSS in a modular way, and how to build a patterns library; 4) Describe the important factors to consider when working with a designer, and how to do a little design work by yourself.

To some extent, CSS in Depth is comparable to CSS Mastery. It is not a pure introductory or advanced book, but a combination of both, so suitable for a wider range of readers. In particular, the technical and practical details mentioned in the book will be appreciated by those who have encountered related problems. And many places give surprise and inspiration, so it is really worth reading and pondering.

CSS is easy to get started, but not easy to master. Learning CSS isn’t about learning one trick or two, it’s about understanding every aspect of the language and knowing how to use it together. Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced developer who needs to improve your CSS skills, CSS in Depth is a great way to keep up with the CSS developments.

// Main Contents //

  • Avoid common CSS pitfalls
  • Master misunderstood concepts
  • Use flexbox and grid layout
  • Responsive designs for any device
  • Code for reuse and maintainability

// Table Of Contents //

  • Part 1. Reviewing the fundamentals
    • Chapter 1. Cascade, specificity, and inheritance
    • Chapter 2. Working with relative units
    • Chapter 3. Mastering the box model
  • Part 2. Mastering layout
    • Chapter 4. Making sense of floats
    • Chapter 5. Flexbox
    • Chapter 6. Grid layout
    • Chapter 7. Positioning and stacking contexts
    • Chapter 8. Responsive design
  • Part 3. CSS at scale
    • Chapter 9. Modular CSS
    • Chapter 10. Pattern libraries
  • Part 4. Advanced topics
    • Chapter 11. Backgrounds, shadows, and blend modes
    • Chapter 12. Contrast, color, and spacing
    • Chapter 13. Typography
    • Chapter 14. Transitions
    • Chapter 15. Transforms
    • Chapter 16. Animations
  • Appendix A. Selectors reference
  • Appendix B. Preprocessors
  • Box model and border-box sizing

// Book Example Codes //

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