DB Browser for SQLite – Free, open-source and cross-platform SQLite viewer & editor

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DB Browser for SQLite (formerly called SQLite Database Browser and Database Browser for SQLite, DB4S for short) is a free, open-source and cross-platform (Windows/Linux/Mac) SQLite database visual viewer and editor, originally developed by Mauricio Piacentini from Brazil.

As a lightweight and foolprool database editor, DB Browser for SQLite allows user to efficiently view, create, edit, and operate SQLite database files in a simple, intuitive way. But its most important feature is to use the tabular database creation and editing mode. That’s to say, you can easily utilize this tool for various database editing operations even if you didn’t learn about the SQL statements. For example, create a new database, open an existing database, check the database structure (including tables, indexes, views, triggers, etc.), browse and edit table data (including SQL query, modification, inserting new data, deleting data, etc.), export database as CSV or SQL format of file.

For software developers, DB Browser for SQLite enables you to directly open, browse and edit SQLite format of database files on Windows, without having to install any special database development software, or connect to the database in the IDE first. BTW, the common extension name of SQLite database file includes: .db, .db3 and .s3db. But in fact, as long as the content of any file is stored in the text format of SQLite, then its extension name can be arbitrary actually. However, to open them in the DB Browser for SQLite, you need to manually change its extension name to any supported format first.

// Key Features //

  • Create and compact database files
  • Create, define, modify and delete tables
  • Create, define and delete indexes
  • Browse, edit, add and delete records
  • Search records
  • Import and export records as text
  • Import and export tables from/to CSV files
  • Import and export databases from/to SQL dump files
  • Issue SQL queries and inspect the results
  • Examine a log of all SQL commands issued by the application
  • Plot simple graphs based on table or query data

// Download URLs //

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Freeware Latest

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