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Death’s Gambit is a hardcore, pixel-level 2D action RPG small game produced by White Rabbit and released by Adult Swim Games. It had been under development for four years before it was finally released in 2018. The inspiration of this game mainly comes from Dark Souls series. For example, its sword and shield design, endurance value system, and monster settings are all similar to the latter. Or, we can also regard it as a combination work of Dark Souls series and Shadow of the Colossus.

The overall style of Death’s Gambit is a fusion of Castlevania series and Dark Souls series, with rich RPG elements. Its dozens of freely customizable weapons, sophisticated combat systems, elegant graphics and smooth operations have comprehensively surpassed another similar game work Dead Cells. As to game rules, they are more like a 2D edition of Dark Soul, but have higher operational requirements which make it be a hard game. Besides, Death’s Gambit also includes some classic elements from Castlevania works. All in all, it’s safe to say that no other game of its kind has been better in terms of combat system design.

In terms of story lines, Death’s Gambit comes with a Diablo type of background. The player, as the emissary of death, will go through a series of trials. In the face of an enemy that is many times bigger and more powerful than you, players must take strategic tactics to meet the challenge. In return, after victory you will gain brand-new abilities and/or weapons… And this will be more straightforward and refreshing for the adventurer than just getting gold coins!

// Key Features //

Feature Description
Expansive World Travel across the beautifully rendered Obsidian Vale, Witch Woods, Sanguine City, and more. Meet quirky characters from all walks of life, and uncover their narrative threads and secrets.
Character Classes Choose from seven playable classes, level up, pick your favorite talents from the skill tree, adapt your strategies, and improve your chances of survival.
Incredible Bosses Hunt towering monsters and other creatures of legend. Each boss is a test of skill, requiring unique strategies to defeat.
Non-Linear Exploration Explore levels and bosses in a non-linear order, discover side areas with more secrets to unravel and enemies to purge.
Character Customization Outfit your character with over 10 weapon types including bows, scythes, longswords, halberds and more. Harness 30 weapon abilities and spells to create your own build.
Heroic Mode Defeated bosses experience a second wind in an exponentially harder heroic mode accessible immediately after defeating them. Give yourself an all new challenge and master their new abilities.
Evocative Score Experience an intricately crafted score composed by Kyle Hnedak, that sets the tone for Death’s Gambit’s world with over 2 hours of evocative music.
New Game Plus Complete Death’s Gambit to unlock New Game+ in brackets of three to set your own difficulty, and endure the struggle all over again.

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Death’s Gambit multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

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v1.2 442 MB

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