Desktop Games – Stress reducer or desktop destroyer

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Desktop Games – Stress reducer or desktop destroyer

Each of us maybe meet unpleasant things, as time passes this make a person feel depressed, uptight, and even may accumulate into a disease. Desktop Games (also known as Stress Reducer or Stress Relief) will give you the new experience, get all your accumulated depression and worry in the heart vent to your PC monitor.

The display knock ground, daub black, scorched, spray paint, put many ants to bite and so on, you can use 9 kinds of tools. Ha, which kind is the most fit you for venting? Experience slowly yourself.

Desktop Games – Stress reducer or desktop destroyer

// Including Tools //

  • Hammer
  • Chain-saw
  • Machine gun
  • Flame-thrower
  • Color-thrower
  • Phaser
  • Stamp
  • Termites
  • Washing

// Download URLs //

Download blue boder Fast Link Page (503 KB | from AppNee | Homepage)

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