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diagrams.net (formerly called Draw.io) is a completely free, open-source, cross-platform and stand-alone flowchart drawing application that can be used as a browser-based web application, desktop application and plug-in for some other software. That’s to say, you can use its web edition directly in a web browser (no registration required, no limitations, no catches), or use its desktop edition offline under Windows, Mac or Linux OS.

As a professional and high-quality flowchart drawing software, diagrams.net is developed based on the open-source software framework Electron. Therefore, it realizes the cross-platform development with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS (the same as Visual Studio Code), and realizes the integration of web side, desktop side and VSCode plug-in side. In addition, it stores data in the fully open XML format, which can be easily imported, exported, or embedded into other programs.

diagrams.net enables user to easily create flowcharts, UML, entity relation, network diagrams, mockups, and more, and is applicable to the professional drawing in many fields such as business, engineering, electrical design, network design, software design, etc. It comes with quite rich drawing resources covering many fields, including all kinds of shapes, icons, connectors, templates, can meet the vast majority of drawing needs, can import the third party icon resources to meet more requirements, and can completely replace many flow chart applications such like Microsoft Visio.

BTW, in addition to diagrams.net’s online edition and desktop edition, Lucidchart, Microsoft Visio, you can also give many other similar tools like ProcessOn, Axure RP, MindMaster or Edraw Max a try.

// Key Features //

  • Maths equations in diagrams
  • Support for hand-drawn diagrams with rough.js
  • Improved table shapes
  • Work with waypoints on connectors
  • Go to diagram.new to create a new diagram
  • Embedded XML in PNG image files
  • Export diagrams to PDF files
  • Use Mermaid syntax to create diagrams
  • Work with custom shape libraries
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to work faster with styles
  • Diagrams attached to Jira Server issues are now versioned
  • Use diagrams in Google Docs
  • Insert from text to create tree and entity diagrams
  • Work with placeholders in labels and tooltips
  • Using external or custom fonts in diagrams.net
  • Add multiple pages to your diagrams
  • Use diagrams.net desktop to diagram offline
  • Secure GitLab support with direct client authorisation
  • Secure Github support via OAuth
  • Share diagrams via Google public links
  • Insert from SQL to create an ER diagram
  • Your diagram data is secure and private
  • Several ways to connect shapes
  • Placeholder labels respect scope
  • diagrams.net import formats and sources
  • Disable resize children to resize grouped shapes individually
  • Export diagrams as SVG images
  • Snap connectors to an anchor point
  • Export a diagram to HTML
  • Publish a diagram as a link from Google Drive
  • Click to add shapes to the drawing canvas
  • Export a diagram to a URL
  • Use the online diagram viewer to share .drawio, VSDX, Gliffy, and Lucidchart diagrams
  • diagrams.net supports Google shared drives (Team Drives)

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