DNS Benchmark – Advanced and accurate DNS performace benchmark tool

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For DNS server, the response speed is not the only standard to measure its performance. Certainly the response time should be as short as possible, but the stability and security is also important factors. A DNS server without stability (intermittent) will cause web page loading problems even it has very fast response.

DNS Benchmark (short for DNSBench) is a unique, comprehensive, accurate freeware for Windows (and Linux/Wine) designed to measure the exact performance of local and remote DNS servers . . .

DNS Benchmark not only comes with a lot of popular, outstanding DNS servers, also has a set of algorithm which was designed to analyze the reliability of DNS servers. This gives important reference value for advanced users to choose their most suitable DNS servers.

However, please note: the DNS test results are for reference only. Some other factors such as network environment, wiring environment, as well as the test time will also have direct effects on the test results. Besides, the results of one test do not mean they are absolutely accurate and never expire.

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